The Temper Literary Review begins its new year

by Jonathan Moniz, Staff Writer

A front for literate and artistic creativity, the Temper Literary Review prints a new issue annually, featuring poems, short stories, creative nonfiction, original photographs, and illustrations.

Temper offers a chance for burgeoning writers and artists to seek publication and begin their careers within the field, establishing a printed and recorded history of their accomplishments.

It also displays the creative efforts for a team of peers that allow artists and writers to perfect their craft and improve upon their work.

The history of the Temper Literary Review dates as far back as 1971, running solely in print edition back then. As time went on and the internet developed, the Temper gradually shifted over to being a digital issue before coming back to print as of 2016.

Temper’s 2017 edition will feature both digital and print editions, allowing for convenience and for readers to choose whichever medium they prefer best.

Submissions for Temper, in the form of written works, can contain as many as 5,000 words, ranging from poetry to non-fiction prose.

Accepting submissions from all years, Temper is open to all and anyone who wishes to write. Joint-managed by Alyssa Marshall, a senior major in the writing, rhetoric, and communications concentration, and Daniel Simcock, an English major, the focus is on encouraging submissions and participation from the community.

Marshall recounted her experiences with the Temper previously and how she became interested in it upon seeing posters for submission.

Considering submitting written pieces herself, she instead decided she wanted to help edit and organize for the review.

Handling the design last year, Simcock had returned from previous years to work on the Temper again, helping to design posters and prepare advertisements to help promote the review as an opportunity for students.

With how impressed she was with the level of work and the production quality, Marshall stated how important it was to see that kind of opportunity be presented to students as a way for them to facilitate and build a community readership with writing and creativity.

Considering how writing is often an isolated task, she prioritized the importance of establishing connections between writers and enhancing the importance of their bonds.

Building up interests is also one way to promote the community within the literate world, and working with people who are passionate about what they are doing and truly want to participate within the process of writing would “make for better sounding boards,” she said.

“Putting yourself out there” was another important aspect she listed, stating that it would look good on resumes and for building careers, or just pursuing a creative career in general.

Many official journals and other prominent publications require previous publishing, so the Temper makes for a good place to start.

Temper also runs a website, which features past publications from 2015 to the present.  Publications from before 2015 are available on UMass Dartmouth’s website for further reading.

When asked why students should contribute to Temper and consider it for the upcoming semester, Marshall replied “I don’t think students should write for the Temper. They should write for themselves and submit.”

Expounding on this statement, she confirmed the true purpose of the Temper as a literary review was to provoke, promote, and host creativity and artistic expression, and that it was more important for students to feel inspired to create rather than forced.

She mentioned the prospect of a new creative writing minor, and noted how that went hand in hand with the spirit of the Temper.

Submissions for the Temper Literary Review are due by December 5, 2016 and can be emailed, along with any questions or comments, to

You can visit Temper’s website at or through Instagram and Twitter @umasstemper.


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