October Heat

By Micahela Gates, Staff Writer

Living in the apartments is fantastic. I have two full bathrooms, a dishwasher, and the best part is during those late summer days of September when its 85 degrees and disgustingly humid I have air conditioning.

While all the first years and upperclassmen at the Dells sit in them, they feel more like saunas; I enjoy a cool and comfortable apartment.

This year we have had an exceptionally warm fall, which given the fact that I have AC shouldn’t be an issue.

However, this has been far from the case in the past few weeks. For some strange reason, despite the fact that it has been consistently in the upper 60’s and even high 70’s all month, Ivy’s AC was changed over to heat.

For those who don’t live in the apartments, especially on the upper floors, it can get disgustingly hot with the heat even in the winter. Given that it was 75 degrees a few days ago, my apartment was pretty unbearable.

I fully understand that on a normal basis it is much cooler this time of year and the heat might be warranted, but my question is does no one that controls the heat in this building check the weather?

Thankfully we live in a time where the weather forecast is not only very accurate, but it is also available at your fingertips. Whoever controls whether or not the heat of AC is on simply has to open up their phone, click on an app and there it is.

I mean I don’t think this is asking too much, if I am,  someone please write a letter to the editor and call me out. That is really the reason I am so peeved by this, it would be a two step process to look at the weather. But instead I show up to my apartment and it is a whopping 100 degrees from the second floor up.

To make matters even worse for me, I was coming from my class in Liberal Arts. Yes, LARTS, AKA the seventh circle of hell on a warm day because why in God’s name would a University have academic buildings with AC in 2017?

Is that another absurd request? It has been hot in September in New England for as long as I can remember and at no point has anyone at this school thought “maybe we should put AC in LArts.”

I have actually had classes get cancelled because my professors have claimed that the heat was too unbearable and they didn’t feel they could teach. Also, good luck to any student trying to learn while their face melts off.

I sit in class there and probably lose a solid ten pounds sweating, then I come back to my apartment for some relief, but no it’s just as hot. I also pay an extra $1,000 for all the amenities I listed, I expect them to actually work effectively.

I don’t want my air system pumping out hot air when there is plethora of that outside. Not to mention, many people in the apartments have medical conditions that are aggravated by the heat, hence why they live in the apartments.

It is not fair to them that they have to deal with the heat when is really should be a non-issue. I fully understand that the person who controls the switch probably has a lot to do and I am just being an annoying student.

However, I just don’t think I am asking a lot for them to simply check the weather so I do not sweat to death when I pay for AC.

Photo courtesy: UMass Dartmouth


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