Bears trap Corsairs

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By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer

What should have been a banner day for the Corsairs of UMass Dartmouth football, quickly turned sour as they feel short Bridgewater 24-22 making their overall record 2-4. However, senior Michael Slaughter did run over the Bears defense for a whopping 138 yards and the Corsair offense did out gain the Bears’ offense.

Early on in the game it seemed as though UMassD was poised for a huge game. The Corsairs’ defense forced a long field goal for the Bears, which was no good and the offense was given the ball on their own 33 yard-line.

Sophomore quarterback Jace Pina wasted no time putting the Corsairs on the board as he connected with junior Abbi Bamgbose for a 77-yard catch and run that resulted in an electric Corsair touchdown as well as an early lead.

However, this lead would not hold strong throughout the first half as Bridgewater managed to erupt for a whopping 17 unanswered points before the first half concluded. It seemed as though BSU knew exactly what was going to be called for the Corsairs defensively as they marched down the field very effectively in the second quarter.

The Corsair offense also seemed to be in disarray as the remainder of the first half was met with no points scored and an interception kicked off the second half of the play for the Corsair offense.

This turnover would result in a Bridgewater field goal, which was followed up next drive with a touchdown from Bridgewater and a very commanding lead.

However, the Corsairs would not be silenced and quietly began mounting a fourth quarter comeback. Freshmen kicker James Tooker nailed a 33-yard attempt in the fourth quarter to bring the Corsairs within seven as the score sat at 17-10 Bears.

Despite early struggles, the defense came alive for the Corsairs and junior Tony Slaughter came up with a massive interception deep within Bears territory. Because of the interception the Corsair offense had a measly nine yards to gain for a score that could potentially tie the game.

Leroy Brown as hit with a Pena pass and managed to march into the end zone for the Corsairs score.

It seemed as though the Corsairs would tie the game, however it was not to be so as Bridgewater defenders managed to break through the line on the field goal and block the Tooker attempt leaving the Corsairs behind 17-16.

While the Corsairs where in good shape, the wind was taken out of their sails slightly as Bridgewater responded to the Corsair score accordingly garnering one of their own. The BSU kick was good and Bridgewater had a 24-16 lead with less than three minutes to play.

On a huge Corsair play Jeremy Jackson took a 43 yard pass into the Bears red zone. Bamgbose would eventually take another Pena pass in for the score and pull the Corsairs within two.

It seemed as though the game was in reach as the Corsairs scored on a two-point conversion.

However, the conversion was called back on a penalty and the Corsairs would fall 24-22 as BSU ran the clock out.

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