Leave Malia alone!

By Michalea Gates, Staff Writer

This week’s latest trend in the news is seeing who can give Malia Obama the most crap for smoking cigarettes, pot, drinking beer, and making out with guys. My take is super simple, who gives a shit!!

We are literally on the verge of a nuclear war with Korea, in a seemingly never ending war with Afghanistan, and our country seems to be getting more divided every day and yet what we as a nation are concerned with is passing judgement on a nineteen-year-old whose biggest crime in doing what every other college student does in America.

Not to mention, I would bet every dollar I make in my life that every idiot that is passing judgement probably pulled all the same stunts she is at her age. I really fail to see what she is doing wrong, one cannot even chastise her for smoking weed as it is illegal in this state.

While the argument could be made she is not of age, I will simply ask who waited until they were 21 to drink or smoke pot? I realize that some did, which is great, however that simply isn’t the norm.

It is extremely petty as well as childish that people are actually taking time out of their day to rash on a nineteen-year-old girl who is simply having fun. If her name was Kate Smith, instead of Malia Obama no one would give a care as to what she was doing at Harvard.

She should not have to liver her life aggressively conservative because some Americans have nothing better to do than to break her down over being an outgoing and adventurous young woman. I find it extremely courageous of her to be living life with not a care in the world and just being herself despite all the attention.

She should be going to parties, she should be kissing boys, she should be tailgating with beers at a football game, and if she really wants she should smoke a cigarette too because she’s young and has nothing to lose. I am not saying that she should drink her next four years at Harvard away and coast by on the fact that her dad was president, however a little fun never hurt anyone.

Everyone needs to lay off her case and let her be, I really have no idea why the American media are such vultures. Malia never asked to be in the public spotlight, it is not like she is famous for something she did, she is famous due to her father and why I am sure she is grateful for him; I am also sure she has no desire to have to be constantly scrutinized for every life decision she makes simply because her father was a president.

While it doesn’t seem to be bothering her, I truly hope that the scrutiny that is being thrown at her does not get to her. It is simply not warranted and nothing short of childish, we have much more important issues to be dealing with in today’s world then “Is Malia Obama partying in college?”.

To make a much broader point our media needs to take second a evaluate why this is even news. When the hell did borderline stalking and harassing a college student become news? It is lazy journalism with a hint of garbage click bait. To the media, try reporting on actual news and to those buying into it simply don’t. instead of focusing on useless crap like this, perhaps ask our media why they aren’t reporting on real news. We need to stop being lulled to sleep by trash like this and stay woke.


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