Netflix’s “Wednesday” Streaming Success and its Viral Dance

Staff Writer: Kelsey Wink 


Just two weeks after its debut on November 23th, the Netflix original “Wednesday” is one of the streaming service’s most popular series of all time.

With a total of 1.02 billion hours viewed since it premiered, the series is already the No. 3 most-watched English-language TV title in Netflix history, sitting just behind “Stranger Things.” Netflix calculates this list based on a project’s performance during its first 28 days of availability, meaning that “Wednesday” just reached the cut-off on November 21st.

For comparison, the No. 1 position belongs to “Stranger Things” Season 4 with 1.35 billion hours viewed in its first 28 days, and “Monster — Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” follows with 856.2 million.

“Wednesday’s” popularity on Netflix is also reflected in other media: Wednesday-related searches on TikTok number in the billions, and the show’s soundtrack tops the iTunes soundtrack chart.

Jenna Ortega plays the titular teenage Wednesday Addams in a coming-of-age supernatural dark comedy spin-off show based on the beloved and quirky Addams Family movies. The series is directed by the well-known and famous filmmaker Tim Burton himself. 

(Image via

The tv show plot is set as Wednesday Addams begins a new chapter in her life at Nevermore Academy, the two-century-old boarding school attended by her parents, after getting kicked out of eight schools in five years. However, Wednesday wants nothing to do with their alma mater, and she’s already planning her escape. 

But this academy is like no other school she’s ever attended. It’s a school of outcasts with four main cliques, the Fangs (vampires), the Furs (werewolves), the Scales (sirens), and the Stoners. It is also a piece of the mystery that holds dark secrets about her family’s past.

In the first season, there are a total of eight episodes, and the runtime of each episode is approximately sixty minutes.

In addition to the show’a success, Wednesday’s dance in the show’s fourth episode has delighted fans who have dubbed it the highlight of the Addams family Netflix show.

In the series, Wednesday dances to the song Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, and the song was reportedly selected just a week before filming. The song’s popularity has skyrocketed since the release of the show, and fans are loving this song was first released by The Cramps in 1980.

In an interview with some of the cast members from the show, Jenna Ortega opened up about the creative process behind the choreography for the dance.

“I actually felt really insecure about this, I choreographed that myself and I think it’s very obvious that I’m not a dancer or choreographer,” said the actress.

In another interview, Jenna revealed that she was inspired by a dance video she watched online of ‘goths kids’ dancing in the 1980s. “They made a reference in the script to Suzie and the Banshees, so I looked at a lot of their live performances,” said Jenna. 

“I found a lot of footage, there’s like hours worth of footage, of goth kids in clubs in the 80s dancing. And it’s nice to kind of see them enjoy themselves a little bit and I took some of the stuff they do and added it towards the end just like a free improvising dancing back and forth style,” she said. She also added that she added some fosse dancing into the routine, and it took her two days to pull it completely together. 

It should also be noted that Jenna tested positive for COVID after filming the scene, where she was reportedly taking medication to manage her sickness in between takes.

Wednesday’s dance exploded on all social media platforms, especially TikTok, and went viral; the kooky dance has amassed more than 6.7 million views since its release. 

All over TikTok, people are doing their own versions of the kooky dance, which involves tossing back your head, looking skyward with wide, unblinking eyes, and flinging your arms side to side and up and down like an unhinged robot. 

Fans have already binge-watched the series and are trying to understand the ending of Wednesday. The show left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions, and many are hopeful that a second season of the show will be commissioned so that these storylines can be neatly tied up.

Netflix’s “Wednesday” Trailer 


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