Berry breakfast smoothie

By Staff Writer Sawyer Pollitt

Waking up can be difficult and eating breakfast every day can be even harder. This smoothie recipe will ensure that you can have a filling and healthy start to your day with minimal effort. Pro-tip, when using a blender on a hard counter-top place a folded dishtowel underneath the blender to reduce noise!

Ingredients / Equipment:
Blender (1 unit)
Frozen mixed berries (1 Cup)
Fresh kale (Handful)
Ripe banana
Preferred type of milk (1 Cup or more depending on preferred consistency)
Blue agave nectar

1. Add one cup of frozen berries to the blender.
2. Peel banana and add the flesh to the blender.
3. Pour in one or more cups of any type of milk to the blender.
4. Stuff one rinsed handful of kale into the remaining space in the blender.
5. Blend.
6. Wake up your roommates and prepare them for a productive day using the blender.
7. Add blue agave nectar to sweeten to taste.
8. Apologize to your roommates for using a blender at 7:30 AM.
9. Pour and enjoy!