The moon is orbiting the Earth. That means it is romance season. Your current involvement will likely lead to another victim of the cuffing season. 


Prepare for those finals early. For an unexpected complication will reveal itself before the tests.


Prepare yourselves, summer birth children. The next season will be colder than you expect it to be.  



Ahh. Lions. You will have a great week this week as the live action Lion King movie has been released. Rejoice. 


This week only Mars is orbiting the sun. That means luck will be brought your way. Enjoy the next month and take risks because luck is on your side. 


 You are the Scales of Justice…. But maybe don’t step on a scale until. 2019. 


Scorpions, Eagles, Phoenixes, Snakes, make that impulse decision. Spend those last few dollars of Corsair Cash. You will not regret it. 


Happy Birthday Sagittariuses… Sagittarii? All Sagittariuses. Enjoy it. But maybe don’t go back for seconds of birthday cake as Holiday food is right around the corner. 


Buy yourself that Christmas present. You know your birthday gets combined with Christmas. You need more presents. Buy it.


Drink that class of water you are contemplating. Even if you’re not. Right now, go drink water. It will help.


Take a swim in the pool this week. Go to the gym. You’ll thank yourself later. This week is makeup week from all that Thanksgiving food.


Do not worry about not having a Christmas list, for all gifts you never knew you wanted will be received.