Elvis is everywhere, what’s going on in the Bermuda Triangle? Elvis needs boats, and on those boats is who other than Frank Stalone


The faults you see in others is the mirror of your own insecurities, smashing it will lead to seven years bad luck


do not let the machinery of the outside world get to your head, or it will take over the world, our world



The roar of the male lion has given it the title of king of the jungle, without all of the actual work of the female lion he would starve to death


HARK, the dogs of the slays are but puppies, gnawing on sticks and twigs and the fruits of the ground, discipline them soon or be never move forward.


it is better to have loved and losses to have never loved at all, but it is better to have loved and losses than to make a huge fool of yourself by trying to change yourself or others


little scorpion do not mistake fear for respect, only one will ensure that others are doing right by you


on the peak of your mountains the lows of your valleys will seem deeper than they are, it is not about altitude, it is about the climb


under the blankets you will do nothing but sleep, no matter the conditions, put back your shoulders and keep marching


You emerge from your recent fog with new clarity towards your surrounding, now that the the blanket of the fog is gone refer to Capricorn


There is always a bigger fish, size matters not, find what you need to do and do it


may all of your sins be remembered, forgetting them would not do the lessons you leanred the Justice it deserves