Your time has come! Literally, it’s your time of the year now. All the hard work you always do that only you notice will start paying off as others see how incredible you are. Take some “me time” and TREAT YO SELF because proper self-care is how you’ll re-charge to keep moving forward and changing the world around you. Also happy belayed/early birthday for the next month.


You got to keep working hard or you’re going to find it impossible to complete what you need to. Take it one task at a time, that’s the only way you’re going to get through this. But once you finish you’ll be so happy that you put in the effort.


Quit being so toxic. Everyone around you is sick of it. Take this time to realize your shortcomings and work on them, otherwise when something bad happens none of your friends are going to be there to help you through it.


Your friends see you as a leader amongst the group. Don’t take that title lightly because they look up to you to make the important decisions. There’s going to be a big test in your friend group, so be prepared and levelheaded.


Stop being so mean. Life is to short to be so negative and this has gone on to long. Take some time to realize that you’re not the only one going through something and start being more empathetic. Someone who is going to be important for the rest of your life is coming your way, but if you don’t change you’re just going to push them away before they get to see your good side.


You’ve just started a new journey, it’s all new and exciting. Cherish that. Times are going to get tough, but this walk of life that you’re recently on leads to the best parts of life. It’s going to be hard work, any journey is, but it’s going to lead to bigger and better things.


You need to reevaluate the things that have been going south lately. Once you figure out what it is, you need to work really hard on fixing those things. That’s the only way that you’re going to be able to overcome these challenges. But once you get things under control, you’ll be doing great.


A big tragedy is coming your way. Lean on your friends and family for support. It’s going to seem like the world is ending but in a little while the best thing is going to happen to you. You just have to get through this tough time first.


Stop beating yourself up for what happened. Yes it sucks now, but in the not to distant future you’re going to be so glad that it did happen. Things are going to go in a total different, but better direction. Once this happens you’ll feel like you dodged a bullet with what could have happened if this thing continued as it was going.


Take a breather, you always stress out over the little things, and when there are a lot of little things you shut down. You only have a little bit left to do. Go out of a walk and enjoy the sun after being cooped up all semester. The last homework assignments can wait a little longer.


Stop being so self centered, you’re pushing people who care about you away because they’re sick and tired of your selfish and narcissistic behavior. Take time to listen to your friends. Right now they need you to be there for them.


You’ve got some growing up to do and life is about to hand you a big steaming pile of life lessons. Take caution, because this is going to be a critical moment in your life. But if you proceed with caution, and learn from this experience, you’re going to be greatly rewarded.