The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A UMass Dartmouth tradition

by Lauren Medeiros, Arts & Entertainment Editor The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays host to a menagerie of over-the-top characters and raunchy imagery, adored by a group of loyal fans since its inception in 1973. The story of Rocky Horror centers around a newly engaged couple, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, who get stuck in the rain and arrive at the mansion of the flamboyant … Continue reading The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A UMass Dartmouth tradition

Pokémon Go: UMass Dartmouth edition

by Nicole Belair, Staff Writer When Pokémon GO first launched in July 2016, people went crazy over the app. Some of the most enthusiastic users of the game were college students, who took to the streets, parks, and neighborhoods en masse to “catch ’em all”. The new app utilizes augmented reality, a form of digital superimposition that uses camera input from a phone to create … Continue reading Pokémon Go: UMass Dartmouth edition

SAILing into the school year

by Carina Hennessy, Contributing Writer Wow, what a crazy first week, right? College is a busy, fun, and stressful time, and the start of the school year is no exception. Freshman want to socialize and get involved, while upperclassman want to unwind before classes speed up. Everyone is looking forward to making memories by participating in activities you can only find on a college campus. … Continue reading SAILing into the school year

Bill Nye: Saving the world on Netflix

by Sebastian Moronta Blanco, Staff Writer For those of you who feel the television world has been lacking in the bow-tie adorned scientist department, Netflix made an incredible announcement just this past week. In the spring of next year, Netflix will be teaming up with scientist, author, and former PBS show host Bill Nye to bring a new flavor of talk show to the streaming … Continue reading Bill Nye: Saving the world on Netflix

UMass Dartmouth brought Back2Life

by Rachel Wicks, Managing Editor On September 9, this past Friday, UMass Dartmouth became host to the most recent venue for the nationally renowned dance experience Back2Life. Returning for the second year in a row, Back2Life is a program that sends DJs and MCs to universities across the country to gather students together for a night of flashing lights, fog machines, and dancing. Crowded together … Continue reading UMass Dartmouth brought Back2Life

How the campus construction makes me feel

by Brian Sousa, Opinions & Editorials Editor In my three years here at UMass Dartmouth, things have either gone smoothly or have been cumbersome. Take for example, the recent changes to both parking, dining, and the Campus Quad project. The campus construction is no doubt something that the University needs to address, as the steam lines that have been around for many years needed to … Continue reading How the campus construction makes me feel

Protests and media omission

by Jacob Condo, Staff Writer Our right to protest defines us as a nation, and there is no better indicator of what’s going on in our national psyche than what we’re rallying against. However, the media’s responses to said protests reveal even more. Just last month, Colin Kaepernick protested police brutality against American citizens by refusing to stand for the national anthem. Judging by the … Continue reading Protests and media omission