NASA’s Successful Launch Begins Artemis I Mission

Volunteer Writer: Mckenzie Ferrari Email: “On behalf of all the men and women across our great nation who have worked to bring this hardware together to make this day possible, and for the Artemis generation: this is for you. I give you a go to resume count and launch Artemis I.” In the early hours of November 16th, 2022, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, launch director for … Continue reading NASA’s Successful Launch Begins Artemis I Mission


Who Let the Minks Out?

(Image via Staff Writer: Maya Arruda Email:  For the people of Australia, rabbits are some of the most destructive beings in all the land.   It sounds like an exaggeration; but, the Australian rabbit population has devastated the land for generations, feeding on farmers’ crops and generally running rampant without any natural predators to keep them in check.  For those who aren’t history buffs, … Continue reading Who Let the Minks Out?


What’s Become of the Monkeypox Virus?

(Image via Volunteer Writer: Brendan Flaherty Email: Remember when Monkeypox was the talk of the town, being called the new Coronavirus and had everyone panicking all over again? Well, what happened to that? The CDC has been consistently putting out new information regarding the state of Monkeypox, including graphs of its cases, and general statistics. They have reported a total of 28,797 U.S. … Continue reading What’s Become of the Monkeypox Virus?


Astronomer Removed from Leiden University

Volunteer Writer: Mckenzie Ferrari Email: On October 18th, 2022, Leiden University – located in the Netherlands and one of Europe’s largest research institutions – released a statement declaring that an unnamed professor was suspended from the university for “subject[ing] various colleagues to intimidating and unacceptable behaviour for a longer period.”  Multiple staff members at Leiden University filed complaints with the institution’s independent behavioral committee; … Continue reading Astronomer Removed from Leiden University


What Plankton has to do with Your Scallop Dinner

Staff Writer: Maya Arruda Email: On October 5th, the Department of Fisheries presented a seminar by John Zang about the relationship between phytoplankton and Atlantic Sea Scallops on the Northeastern U.S. continental shelf. By using complex models, the behavior and characteristics of the phytoplankton on this shelf have been thoroughly examined. However, while phytoplankton might not be seen as important to the casual viewer … Continue reading What Plankton has to do with Your Scallop Dinner


Paving the Future for Cybersecurity

Volunteer Writer: Brett Talbot Email: The MassCyberCenter division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative opened applications last month for their undergraduate cybersecurity mentorship program. “This is a really wonderful program to help promote the diversity of the cybersecurity workforce,” says Maxwell Fathy, the Ecosystem Program Manager for the MassCyberCenter. “We have a lot of great mentors who have been participating in this program who have … Continue reading Paving the Future for Cybersecurity


Cryptocurrency: Future or Failure

By Maya Arruda Email: If you live in the U.S., you were asked when filing taxes this year if you bought or traded any Bitcoin. It may have been a bit of a surprising question. I was amazed that something that seemed to exist solely on the internet would actually gain the attention of the IRS. My older relatives, especially my grandparents, didn’t even … Continue reading Cryptocurrency: Future or Failure


Long Live the Seals

By: Maya Arruda Email: You ever get that feeling of frustration when you get stuck cleaning up someone else’s mess? I’m sure anyone who ever worked in a fast food joint or a service industry can relate.  Anyone in the environmental conservation field feels the same way, having to clean up the damage our ancestors did from overhunting, to pollution, to over-logging, to the … Continue reading Long Live the Seals


Replacement of Humans with AI in the Workplace

Staff Writer: Roxanne Hepburn Email: The tour guide claps his hands together, signaling the factory tour’s start. One thing pops out to you as you are led from room to room. Where are all of the workers? The machines move in tandem, perfectly producing each product as a single supervisor watches from a glass window above.  This tour represents a generic factory in a … Continue reading Replacement of Humans with AI in the Workplace


Coronavirus Crash Course

By Maya Arruda Email: Covid-19 is a hot button issue that’s in the news 24/7 about new variants and outbreak statistics. However, not everyone knows what the coronavirus is and why it’s so deadly.  The coronavirus pandemic is caused by a virus, but what actually is a virus? Well, a virus is a highly organized cell-like object that has a strand of DNA or … Continue reading Coronavirus Crash Course