David Milstone retires after 39 years

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Dave Milstone will be locking the doors to his office of the campus center, room 224 on April 30, 2018 and handing in his keys as he ventures into retirement life. Milstone spent 39 years in higher education and the remainder of the past 12 as Vice Chancellor here at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  There is no doubt that the space … Continue reading David Milstone retires after 39 years

Cans and community at Arnie’s Cupboard

By Samantha Wahl, Contributing Writer It’s that time of year again. ‘Tis the season for writing papers, scrambling for deadlines, and for some of us, rationing our last handfuls of meal swipes. Food insecurity- defined as unreliable access to food- is pretty common among college students the whole year long. Tuition is expensive, after all, and university students aren’t known for their exorbitant wealth. Depending on your … Continue reading Cans and community at Arnie’s Cupboard

The Diary of Jasmine Grace

By Kevin Perrington-Turner, Contributing Writer On March 18, Jasmine Grace spent her afternoon sharing her rough experience with the students of UMass Dartmouth. In the LARTS building, she tells the story about how she came to be a prostitute. Giving great detail of her story, she tells the untold truth about trafficking and selling her body. From corrupt businesses to what to watch out for.   In the midst of this heartfelt story, … Continue reading The Diary of Jasmine Grace

This week in SGA: Civic engagement with Josue Rivera

By Sebastian Moronta, SGA Correspondent Last week the SGA didn’t meet on account of the holiday, but behind the scenes they were still hard at work, preparing for the end of the semester and the transfer of power to the incoming senate body. After the SGA elections, there are still some positions open to represent each class or the schools of study. There is one … Continue reading This week in SGA: Civic engagement with Josue Rivera

Attacks on Syria, while muddled, prove important

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer On Friday, April 13th, the United States, France, and Great Britain bombed Syria.  Hitting three targets all related to Syria’s chemical weapon program, including one in the country’s capital of Damascus, local citizens were woken up to large explosions from different locations. The three attacks hit a chemical research center, a storage facility and a command post.  The strikes came … Continue reading Attacks on Syria, while muddled, prove important

A tale of UMassD past

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer This is the last issue this paper for the academic year. The class of 2018 is graduating in just over two weeks. Let’s take this this opportunity to look back on campus events from the last four years.  For example, do you remember when the campus seemed like it was covered in fences? They’d go away and come back a little while later, these fences that were blocking … Continue reading A tale of UMassD past

Comey did nothing wrong

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer James Comey got screwed by party politics and that is the one and only truth. If one cannot accept that answer, then they are either a blind Republican or a blind Democrat. The feeling that I have gotten from reading up on Comey as well as watching his interview on ABC and it is very clear that Comey independently and fairly investigated both President Trump as … Continue reading Comey did nothing wrong