Wait, what major am I?

By Staff Writer Tighe Ratcliffe. As the fall semester is coming to an end, so begins the time-old tradition of choosing courses for the up-coming semester. Even for seasoned college students this can be a rough time, but for Freshman the task can seem daunting. Especially for those who are undeclared in their majors. With so many majors and classes to choose from, it can … Continue reading Wait, what major am I?

UMassD gets long-awaited and well-deserved upgrade

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer. I am sure everybody is aware of the new renovations that are going on, but in case there are a few people that don’t know, I will fill you individuals in first. UMass Dartmouth has received a grant to build a $134 million building in lots 7, 7A, and 8. The construction is going to take approximately two years to fully … Continue reading UMassD gets long-awaited and well-deserved upgrade

Trump talks sports, world gets mad

By Staff Writer Sawyer Pollitt. Twitter is the one social media platform that has successfully bridged the gap between the famous and the run-of-the-mill. On Twitter, celebrities and politicians are thrown into the same pool as the common man. Due to this phenomenon, Twitter is the perfect platform for our 45th president, Donald J. Trump to take aim with his opinions and fire them off into … Continue reading Trump talks sports, world gets mad

Halloween fictional fun at the Claire T. Carney Library

By Staff Writer Michaella Lesieur. The Claire T. Carney Library staff celebrated Halloween on campus this year by holding a Library Halloween Costume Contest. “We wanted to promote our social media accounts,” said Kari Mofford, Division Head of Access Services and main coordinator of the event. The contest consisted of eight staff members dressing up as a variety of book, television, and movie characters. Students had until midnight on … Continue reading Halloween fictional fun at the Claire T. Carney Library

World happiness declining, apparently

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just got up, walked out the front door, listened to the birdsong, and inhaled some of that sweet sweet tree-given oxygen and just been thankful to be alive? The world collectively has been having less of these, apparently. According to a Gallup’s Annual Global Emissions Report, “more people reported feeling stressed, worried, anxious … Continue reading World happiness declining, apparently

Was the World Series ruined at the Dells?

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn. On Saturday, October 28th, the 2018 World Series game between the Red Sox and the Dodgers was broadcasted on the Fox channel around 8:15pm. Sox and Dodgers fans met up with friends to watch the game and potentially celebrate the winning team. The DPS (the police officers on campus) were aware of the crowds gathering for the game at the … Continue reading Was the World Series ruined at the Dells?

Unfair advantage or rightful inclusion?

By Staff Writer Greg Estabrooks. Earlier this month, Rachel McKinnon, a transgender woman from Canada, won the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles. While the silver medalist, Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen of the Netherlands congratulated McKinnon on her win, the bronze medalist, Jennifer Wagner of the U.S. was less enthusiastic for her. Wagner promptly took to Twitter following the race and aired her … Continue reading Unfair advantage or rightful inclusion?