On the Subject of Subtitles

By Nicole O’Connell Contributing Writer  You are reading these wonderful words of mine on the page of a newspaper (or, perhaps on The Torch’s website!), but would you still read them if they were at the bottom of a video screen? Well, you probably would not see my words specifically, but what about any words? I’m talking about subtitles.  By now, you’ve probably heard of … Continue reading On the Subject of Subtitles

Self-Care Is Important

By Contributing Writer Jordon DaSilva-Martins Stress can be damaging to college students’ physical and mental health. While stress typically receives negative connotations, it is the body’s natural response to change. Therefore, everyone needs some level of stress in their life and it should be depicted as a normal aspect of life. Harvard Healthy explains that without stress, we as humans would have never developed our … Continue reading Self-Care Is Important

UMass Dartmouth New Dorms and Dining

By Contributing Writer Catalina McLucas The campus of UMass Dartmouth is changing at a pace like never before. The newest project on campus is the building of the new $134 million freshman dorms, built in only one year and replacing those that have been standing for over 40 years.   The 267,500-foot dorm consists of 1,210 beds, academic classrooms, maker spaces, study lounges, and recreation spaces. … Continue reading UMass Dartmouth New Dorms and Dining

Tips for Young Adults Who Want to Quit Vaping

Maybe you started vaping in high school thinking it was a cool fad.  Maybe you started in college or at a party after work with friends.  Maybe you started vaping because you thought it would help you stop smoking.    However you started, and for whatever reason, now you are regularly craving the nicotine buzz from vaping; perhaps you have a nicotine addiction.  Are you concerned … Continue reading Tips for Young Adults Who Want to Quit Vaping

It’s food: Dunkin’ releases “beyond meat” sausage 

By Arts & Entertainment Editor Sawyer Pollitt  Dunkin’ Donuts, or just Dunkin’ as they have rebranded themselves, released the “Beyond Meat Sausage” this month. Is it good? Should you care about it? As one of the Torch’s resident vegetarians, I feel like I can speak on this topic with some degree of authority.   It was a wet and cold Sunday morning when I pulled up … Continue reading It’s food: Dunkin’ releases “beyond meat” sausage 

Why is the DNC so Cringy? 

By Opinion and Editorial editor James Mellen   If you have been following this DNC primary cycle like have, then your brain has most likely been completely destroyed from the utter pointlessness of it all. There are 15 identical candidates, then there’s Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang. This is not to say that any of those four candidates are good, it is … Continue reading Why is the DNC so Cringy? 

On conspiracies, 

By Opinion & Editorial Editor James Mellen My dad believes that if you read every seventh letter of the book of Revelations in the Bible, it actually predicts the holocaust. If you think that sounds insane, that’s because it is. However, growing up in such an environment has made me naturally more curious about conspiracy theories than other people. Currently, I suffer from a terminal … Continue reading On conspiracies,