Trump impeachment inquiry

 By Staff Writer Kira Bruce  Since the fateful election day back in 2016 there has been talk about impeaching Donald Trump, yet every time he does something that seems like it would be impeachment worthy nothing happens. Until his recent conversation with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, I would have guessed that nothing could get him impeached. The whistleblower informed the press about a suspicious … Continue reading Trump impeachment inquiry

Sunday Service with Kanye West  

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn On Friday, September 27th, 2019,  Kanye West performed at his second concert in Detroit, and the best part was guests didn’t have to pay in order to attend. The 6,000 offered free tickets were available on ticketmaster and were gone within 18 minutes, proving his popularity. The concert was titled the “Detroit Sunday Service” and was held at the Aretha … Continue reading Sunday Service with Kanye West  

America’s fascination with drama in politics 

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa President Donald Trump has recently committed a new faux pas in his cling to power; he pressed the Ukraine government to spill the beans on some dirt for Joe Biden’s controversial son, Hunter Biden. This comes in the midst of one of the tensest political climates this century, and is yet another indication we’re living in the movie Idiocracy. Hunter … Continue reading America’s fascination with drama in politics 

Elizabeth Warren was a Fake Cherokee  

By Opinions & Editorials Editor James Mellen  If you’ve been watching the news at any point over the past 6 years, you might have heard someone reference Elizabeth Warren’s claim as a descendant of an Indigenous American. Namely, she claimed to be a descendant from members of the Cherokee and Delaware people. It was made clear that she was lying about these claims when she … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren was a Fake Cherokee  

The dark side of YouTube

By Staff Writer Meg Sullivan YouTube’s algorithm has been recommending a number of videos of YouTubers promoting disproven cures to cancer. BBC investigated YouTube in ten languages, and there has been about eighty videos found of misinformation in ways to cure cancer. YouTube tends to advertise big named brands but, also, strangely fake cancer cure videos. The meaning of YouTube’s algorithm is it renders the … Continue reading The dark side of YouTube

The Commonwealth of Vapeachusetts

By Staff Writer Max Dean White   Ever since vaping products hit the market back in 2003, they have been used by many for their own reasons. Users often site their reason as being a quick fix to relieve stress in the same way as traditional smoking.  However, with growing concern from government authorities over the validity of the vaping companies’ marketing over the years … Continue reading The Commonwealth of Vapeachusetts

Saudi Arabia oil conflict

By Staff Writer Kira Bruce Unfortunately, conflict in the Middle East continues into the last few weeks when a drone-lead missile hit a Saudi Arabian oil production plant. This had serious repercussions in ME-US relations.  The United States is Saudi’s military ally so they expect us to help when there is a need for military aid. Yet, since Saudi government officials are keen on blaming … Continue reading Saudi Arabia oil conflict