Paramore’s Unscalpable Concert Tickets

Staff Writer: Rena Danho Email: Music is something that people love. For some, it is vital to their everyday lives. But along with music comes concerts. Artists will drop a new album and then announce a tour to perform for their fans. However, when we see popular artists like Harry Styles, Metallica, and Luke Combs, we see prices at $300 being the cheapest and … Continue reading Paramore’s Unscalpable Concert Tickets

Will Hocus Pocus 2 Live Up to the Hype?

Staff Writer: Kelsey Wink Email: Many a witch’s moon has passed since Hocus Pocus made its debut in 1993. The film became an instant Disney Halloween classic, thanks to the trio of frighteningly funny witches known as the Sanderson Sisters. After years of clamoring for a sequel, fans will finally have their wish granted when Hocus Pocus 2 releases on Disney+ on September 30, … Continue reading Will Hocus Pocus 2 Live Up to the Hype?

Zelenskyy: Servant of the People

Staff Writer: Carolyn Doremus Since the February 24th Russian invasion of Ukraine, people living across the globe have become much more aware of the Russo-Ukrainian War, and if they weren’t knowledgeable about the history between the two countries already, have been provided with more information through the news coverage. One name in particular that of course has become more commonly seen across the world … Continue reading Zelenskyy: Servant of the People

Guess Who’s Back

Staff Writer: Maya Arruda Email: marruda7@umassdtorch EDP445 has made his return to social media, despite every single person including your deity of choice not wanting him there. He was more of a niche YouTuber who did a mix of sports coverage, namely the Philadelphia Eagle football team, and more general vlogs reminiscent of a train wreck. Those who only watch mainstream sports media would recognize … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back

If You Like Archie Comics, Then You Will Love This . . .

Staff Writer: Roxanne Hepburn *This article is written as a parody for the Torchure. Archie Comics has been a beloved comic book series since its creation in 1941 and stands as the longest-running publication to come from M.L.J. Magazines, Inc. The series faced a relaunch in 2015, restarting at issue #1 with a new and improved look designed to draw in a new generation … Continue reading If You Like Archie Comics, Then You Will Love This . . .

Turning Red: A Powerful Film about What it Means to be Yourself

Staff Writer: Roxanne Hepburn Email: There has been a demand for diverse representation in media for as long as it has been in existence. And on March 11th, 2022, Disney Pixar released their latest film, “Turning Red,” both in theaters and on their streaming service Disney+ to supply that demand.  “Turning Red” takes place in 2002 and features a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl named Mei … Continue reading Turning Red: A Powerful Film about What it Means to be Yourself

Album Review: Love Sux

(image: By: J Engels email: Before I’d heard “Bite Me”- the lead single off of Love Sux– I’d brushed Avril Lavigne off as little more than a bonafide pop star, having heard only her radio hits. These newer songs introduced me to another side of Lavigne that I’d been a stranger to for far too long- the fiercely feminine punk princess who helped to define fashion … Continue reading Album Review: Love Sux

As Long as it Makes Money

By Staff Writer Busola Awobode  We seem to be in the era of biopics. From House of Gucci to Spencer and Pam and Tommy, there is a big push to watch real-life dramatics on the big screen. While these stories are exciting, it is easy to forget that the characters are not fictional, people lived through them, some of which are enthusiastic about these … Continue reading As Long as it Makes Money