Disappearing act: Sigma Phi Rho didn’t donate in 2016

By Johnny Perreira and Sebastian Moronta, Staff Writers Of all the annual events hosted on campus, Sigma Phi Rho’s AIDS Benefit receives a lion share of attention. The event, as advertised by posters and pledges, serves to raise awareness as well as donate a percentage of the proceeds to the AIDS Action Committee (AAC), a charity based in Boston. The event consists of performances from … Continue reading Disappearing act: Sigma Phi Rho didn’t donate in 2016

UMassD takes on student debt

By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer As most know, financing for college is no easy thing, with tuition and fees costing an outrageous amount for people who just leave high school, with the numbers increasing. Though there are alternative methods of payment, such as scholarships and the military, the vast majority bite the bullet and decide to deal with student loans and pray they will be … Continue reading UMassD takes on student debt

Check out Arnie’s Cupboard

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer Did you know UMass Dartmouth has a food pantry? It is called Arnie’s Cupboard and is supervised by Deacon Frank Lucca of the Catholic Campus Ministry, though the Cupboard is part of Student Affairs. Deacon Frank took time to give the Torch some information about Arnie’s Cupboard, saying, “It is a pantry that provide Corsairs with emergency food.” He continued, … Continue reading Check out Arnie’s Cupboard

Flirting with French

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer The Boivin Center for French Language hosted, Flirting With French, taking place Monday October 23, 2017, which was the second program so far for this semester. UMass Dartmouth students filled the Library’s Grand Reading Room, excited to have such a wonderful opportunity. “There were about 100 enthusiastic Francophones/Francophiles, language scholars, and language students in the audience,” said Director of The … Continue reading Flirting with French

Should students seek help from tutors?

By Nathan Correia, Contributing Writer College is hard, but tutoring puts students in a better position to succeed.  According to the San Bernardino Valley College Research Department, tutored students have a 7 percent higher success rate than non-tutored students.  If tutoring is so helpful, why don’t students use tutors to their advantage? “I don’t know where they are and I don’t even bother looking up … Continue reading Should students seek help from tutors?

2017 Diwali Festival delights UMass Dartmouth once again

By Brian Harris, Staff Writer There are a lot of traditions across the campus here at UMass Dartmouth.  Some are school led events, some more influenced by the active student body. But one event that more often than not combines both of these into one incredible experience is the Diwali Festival. First off, I’m sure many of you are asking, ‘what is Diwali?’  Well, to … Continue reading 2017 Diwali Festival delights UMass Dartmouth once again

Trump’s attempt to discharge transgender troops halted

By Owen Lee, Staff Writer On Monday, October 30, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, represented by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, blocked President Trump’s proposed plan to prevent transgender Americans to serve in the military. Specifically she issued a preliminary injunction, due to a high probability that the ban would be deemed unconstitutional in a formal lawsuit. The injunction will remain in place … Continue reading Trump’s attempt to discharge transgender troops halted