Emocheese The debate of the cheeseburger emoji

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer Can 2017 just end already? Donald Trump is our president, global warming is devastating our planet, and the worst of all… the cheese on the new hamburger emoji is in the wrong spot! This year literally couldn’t get any worse. Google’s version of the cheeseburger puts the cheese beneath the patty, just an absolute absurd way to organize a cheeseburger. … Continue reading Emocheese The debate of the cheeseburger emoji

Vandalism of Roosevelt’s monument shows a lack of priorities

By Seth Tamarkin, Contributing Writer Several days before Halloween, a group calling themselves the “Monument Removal Brigade” played some tricks when they enshrouded Theodore Roosevelt’s statue in the Big Apple with blood red paint. Their purpose for the vandalism, or “art” as they labeled it, was to showcase their disdain for the statue which depicts a Native American and African American flanking Roosevelt’s horse. However, … Continue reading Vandalism of Roosevelt’s monument shows a lack of priorities

Fantastically true tales at Fishbowl

By Zack Downing, Staff Writer Do you have a crazy story that you love telling people, but you’ve already told all your friends about it and you want it to reach new ears? Do you want to hear other people’s crazy stories that they’ve wanted to tell people? Fishbowl, an up-and-coming club at UMass Dartmouth, might be the club you’re looking for. Founded in the … Continue reading Fantastically true tales at Fishbowl

“Trans Scripts:” Coming to a campus near you

By Emily Lannon, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. To honor those facing the violence towards the trans community, and to respect those lost to that violence and hatred, the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality is producing a performance of Paul Logan’s play “Trans Scripts Part I: The Women.” It will be held in the Library Grand Reading Room … Continue reading “Trans Scripts:” Coming to a campus near you

Go Figure (Drawing Club)!

By Jonathan Perreira, Staff Writer One of the best parts about attending UMass Dartmouth is the dozens of student organizations that offer endlessly different experiences. So, if you’re feeling particularly artsy, the Figure Drawing Club may peak your interest. The club is run by co-presidents Michael Helou and Melissa Hacunda, both of whom have been members of the club as early as their freshman years. … Continue reading Go Figure (Drawing Club)!

The Cathedral, Part 2

By Andrew Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief “I was at a friend’s apartment, one of the tenements down the street,” Mark began, neglecting to tell the priest that this person was more than a friend. “We were watching some movies, and having a few beers.” The priest nodded knowingly when Mark mentioned the beers. It had actually been wine over a nice dinner, and a romp in the … Continue reading The Cathedral, Part 2

Persy’s Place: Best breakfast around

By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer If you’re anything like me, you love a good, hearty breakfast, and sometimes, res just doesn’t cut it. Sure, scrambled eggs are good every now and then, but what if you want something more? Well, if you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant around the campus, maybe Persy’s Place is for you! Located at 715 State Rd, it’s a short drive … Continue reading Persy’s Place: Best breakfast around

UMassD Jazz Jam rings in the month of November

By Owen Lee, Staff Writer UMass Dartmouth was treated to a night of jazz on Wednesday, October 1, in CVPA. A monthly freestyle jazz performance was held that night, where UMass invited interested local musicians to brush up on their skills by performing for students and staff. The event was open to the general public, and held in Room 153 in CVPA. This night’s performers … Continue reading UMassD Jazz Jam rings in the month of November