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Black Directors and Cinema

A.J. Merch Staff Writer Throughout the years of 2017 to 2019 my love for film would forever be changed. In 2017, Jordan Peele would come onto the scene with the critically acclaimed movie gaining more and more attention. Leading Peele to become the first black man to ever win an Oscar for best original screenplay. The movie Get Out would end up bringing into frame a … Continue reading Black Directors and Cinema

Lupin Review

By: A.J. Merch Staff Writer Lupin was a surprisingly interesting Netflix original for me, before the show had been released there was a sort of controversy around the show based on the name. Many people thought the show was based on the anime classic of the same name, and they had changed the main character to Black man. But as things progressed those who … Continue reading Lupin Review

The Future of Cinema and Television

By: A.J. Merch Staff Writer During the quarantine of 2020, I was engulfed in the process of watching numerous shows and movies spanning from the 80s to the present. A large amount of shows on Netflix in particular as a means of escape with the pandemic and other major events of the world unfolding. After a while I started to sit to myself and … Continue reading The Future of Cinema and Television