Is Trump one-upping Obama on prison reform?

By Staff Writer Seth Tamarkin. There are many words routinely used to describe our 45th President. Some common refrains include “racist”, “misogynist”, and “moron”. Surely, the last phrase anyone would have used to describe Trump is “champion of prison reform”, but that’s how it’s looking after the House of Representatives passed a prison-reform bill by a huge margin.  The bill, known as the “First Step Act”, … Continue reading Is Trump one-upping Obama on prison reform?

An Orwellian Nightmare is on the horizon

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer. Technology is incredible. Most people agree on that. However, microchips are a long-disputed issue whose effects have even been mentioned all the way back in the bible. Microchips are tiny wafers of semiconducting material which, in this case, are being discussed being implanted in humans.   Typically used in animals to identify them, microchips can do incredible things. They can get … Continue reading An Orwellian Nightmare is on the horizon

Why the Left needs to avoid violence

By Staff Writer James Mellen III. One of the first lessons I learned during my young career in political activism was taught to me by an older women during the Boston counter protest to the riots in Charlottesville. After the violence in Charlottesville my friend had worn a bandana on his neck out of fear of police use of CS gas. Within a half hour of us … Continue reading Why the Left needs to avoid violence

Fighting forest fires for the price of a chocolate bar

By Staff Writer Gabriella Barthe. Fires rage through the California hills as the Camp Fire in Butte County becomes the deadliest wildfire in the history of the state. With officials struggling to maintain and contain the situation, the state has been relying on help from inmates.  The inmate volunteer fire fighting program is not new for California – it dates back to 1915 – but back in … Continue reading Fighting forest fires for the price of a chocolate bar

Letter to the Chancellor

By Contributing Writers Andrea Bickford, Sierra Howie, and James Kennedy. Dear Chancellor Johnson: Our names are, Andrea Bickford, a Biology major and Sustainability minor, Sierra Howie, A Nursing major, and James Kennedy, a Small Business major. We, and our peers in Principles of Sustainability who voted to endorse this letter, are some of the many students here at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth working tirelessly … Continue reading Letter to the Chancellor

Holiday gift guide made easy

By Staff Writer Michaella Lesieur The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner…and no pun intended. Okay, maybe just a little bit, but it is a great song. With the holidays quickly approaching it’s time to start checking your list twice. Your holiday shopping could not be made easier with this easy to follow guide. For Mom Mom is there for … Continue reading Holiday gift guide made easy

Do we really need our textbooks?

By Staff Writer Tighe Ratcliffe If you ask anyone in a university these days about buying textbooks, they’ll probably groan and say something like “they’re way to expensive for the little amount that they’re used.” It’s a daunting thought that you’ll buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of textbooks in one semester and hardly ever actually use the book. And if you try … Continue reading Do we really need our textbooks?