Comey did nothing wrong

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer

James Comey got screwed by party politics and that is the one and only truth. If one cannot accept that answer, then they are either a blind Republican or a blind Democrat. The feeling that I have gotten from reading up on Comey as well as watching his interview on ABC and it is very clear that Comey independently and fairly investigated both President Trump as well as Hillary Clinton.  

For those that point to Comey rigging the election in Trump’s favor and destroying Clinton’s campaign, you are blaming Comey for President Clinton’s own actions. She mishandled her own business as far as the emails go and Comey did his job in investigating the matter.  

As far as making the information public just before the election Comey’s thinking on the matter is sound and completely logical. Comey’s job as FBI director is to pursue justice and ensure that the FBI is an independent entity. 

As Comey put it, if he did not release his reopening of the Clinton investigation due to concern that it would have a negative impact on Clinton’s political career then he is being bias and cheating the American people.  

I am not saying that Clinton necessarily did something illegal as far as the email scandal goes, but she certainly acted carelessly enough that an open and public investigation was warranted. I don’t blame Comey for that, I blame her.  

Had Comey not released that information then it would have been a serious black eye for the FBI. Some also point to the fact that he was opening in an investigation on the Trump campaign at this time, which was not made public and this was how he screwed Clinton out of being president.  

Again, those making those claims are simply wrong. Comey was investigating a member of the Trump campaign team, not Trump. To add to this, he had little to no evidence at all in the investigation. At that point, it was little more than a tabloid claim; the FBI does not make public announcements over unbacked claims.  

I am not saying that no one in Trump’s campaign did anything wrong, in fact, whether they did or did not is completely irrelevant to the debate. Even if the claims were true and the parties accused were guilty as sin; when Comey made the Clinton announcement he had no evidence to support or denounce guilt.  

Not to mention, Comey continued the Trump investigation well into Trump’s presidency and butted heads with Trump throughout his tenure as head of the FBI because he ran a very non bias and apolitical bureau.  

Comey is a moderate hero and to be extremely frank, those who hate him only hate him because they hate that he’s a moderate. He isn’t going to a republican puppet to Trump and he wasn’t going to cater to the Clinton campaign and hand them an election because she is Democratic big wig.  

He has the hardest job in politics because he cannot be political, he must represent the people and only the people. Comey does not get to pick favorites, because ideally justice doesn’t have favorites.  

The man has served in three presidential cabinets, Bush, Obama, and Trump. Each one of those politicians has extremely different political beliefs and yet Comey managed to thrive under Bush and Obama; Trump is an outlier for obvious reasons.  

I truly believe that Comey served this nation extremely well for a number years and he being seen as a villain for no other reason than the fact that our nation us becoming horrible divided.  

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