Why Foreign Policy questions have no place in the Presidential Debate

By James Mellen The South Carolina presidential Debate aired the night before I am writing this, this debate was nearly unwatchable, it devolved into a presidential screaming match. One feature this debate had that has stuck with me is the emphasis on foreign policy questions, questions ranging from whether or not Xi Xingping is a dictator, to the Syrian Civil War. There was a separate … Continue reading Why Foreign Policy questions have no place in the Presidential Debate

Valentine’s Day: Day of Love or Consumerist Ploy? 

By BROOKE AUBIN  Staff Writer  baubin1@umassd.edu    When we think of Valentine’s Day, there are a few staple things that come to mind. Extravagant bouquets, giant teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, and romantic candlelit dinners are just a few things that our society has deemed to contain the essence of the holiday. What do all of these things have in common? To quote ABBA: “money, … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Day of Love or Consumerist Ploy? 

The Mechanical Economy Is a Socialist Economy  

By James Mellen In a world that is becoming increasingly posthuman, the automation of production is going to decimate the workforce for everyday people. I believe that the implication of automation will bring the Liberal right to property ownership to its logical conclusion, and incentivise the revolution of the Proletariat.   Any and all rights have logical conclusions in which they lose their validity, while we are given … Continue reading The Mechanical Economy Is a Socialist Economy  

Bloomberg: A wolf in sheep’s clothing 

By Brian Garrard Contributing Writer      “‘Oh my god, you’re arresting kids for marijuana that are all minorities.’ Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Yes, that’s true. Why do we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is.” -Michael Bloomberg, 2015. So… How about those Bloomberg memes huh?       Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York … Continue reading Bloomberg: A wolf in sheep’s clothing 

Bernie Bros

By James Mellen  At this point in the 2020 election cycle every candidate has undergone some level of scandal or scrutiny, however there is only one candidate getting criticized for his supporters. Since 2016 there has been a relentless series of attacks on Bernie Sanders because of his online supporters, also known as “Bernie Bros”.  Now I dislike the Bernie Bro moniker, Bernie’s coalition of … Continue reading Bernie Bros

The Ending of Bojack Horseman: “Why’s the main character a horse?”

By James Mellen  American cartoon “Bojack Horseman” came to an end recently, for many viewers this came with a variety of emotions, but for this viewer, it only came along with opinions and editorials. Bojack Horseman is kind of like a documentary about Bob Saget 20 years after Full House, if Bob Saget was an alcoholic horse who abused women. This article is kind of like me ranting about the ending of … Continue reading The Ending of Bojack Horseman: “Why’s the main character a horse?”

New Hampshire Primary Results: Bernie Won 

By Kira Bruce  Kbruce2@umassd.edu  Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist, won the New Hampshire primary last Tuesday. Followed by Pete Buttigieg, Bernie is now the leading democrat in the race.  After a confusing and narrow loss in Iowa’s caucuses, Sanders has officially won a primary election. He’s only 1 delegate behind Buttigieg and people are pretty surprised.   Having the title of socialist attached to your name is not usually beneficial in the United States. For years republicans have used the term as derogatory remark against their … Continue reading New Hampshire Primary Results: Bernie Won 

Tales From The Sevice Industry  

By James Mellen    This weekend I went out to a restaurant with my girlfriend, and we ordered a dessert which took about 25 minutes to come out. The waitress apologized about 10 times and took the dessert off of our bill. However, this made me extremely sad, because I know that this poor waitress was concerned that she wasn’t going to get paid because … Continue reading Tales From The Sevice Industry  

On the Subject of Subtitles

By Nicole O’Connell Contributing Writer  You are reading these wonderful words of mine on the page of a newspaper (or, perhaps on The Torch’s website!), but would you still read them if they were at the bottom of a video screen? Well, you probably would not see my words specifically, but what about any words? I’m talking about subtitles.  By now, you’ve probably heard of … Continue reading On the Subject of Subtitles

Self-Care Is Important

By Contributing Writer Jordon DaSilva-Martins Stress can be damaging to college students’ physical and mental health. While stress typically receives negative connotations, it is the body’s natural response to change. Therefore, everyone needs some level of stress in their life and it should be depicted as a normal aspect of life. Harvard Healthy explains that without stress, we as humans would have never developed our … Continue reading Self-Care Is Important