UMass Dartmouth earns a national Tier 1 ranking

by Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is heading into the new academic year with congratulations on its back.

Recently, the school rose to National Tier One classification in the U.S. World Report of Best College rankings.

In the wake of renovations and renewal projects, the school now stands as number 220 in the ranking along with other institutions, including UMass Boston and North Carolina at Greensboro.

UMass Dartmouth also scored well in an assessment that was given to high school guidance counselors and peers.

According to junior English Literature and Writing major Brianna Correia, the university stands out from all other surrounding competitive schools.

Correia states, “A positive thing is we have really high quality professors that have gone to more reputable universities and we get to develop relationships with them that you would not get at another college. All of my teachers know my name and I have had them more than once.”

Holli King, a junior Crime and Justice Studies major, believes UMass Dartmouth deserves the title because of what it provides for the students. She says, “We are such a big research school, so I feel that it brings in more students and also leads us to more opportunities.”

Currently, all UMass campuses are the only universities in Massachusetts to be included on the renowned list.

Following the Charlton College of Business undergraduate programs’ award of a #150 ranking among the U.S. News’ “Best Business Programs,” UMass Dartmouth is well on its way up.

Fully equipped with smartboards and other high tech equipment for classrooms and various meeting spaces, a 20,000 square foot facility was recently opened for the Charlton College of Business.

Advancements such as the new “Learning Pavillion” appear to help students thrive and have a successful college experience.

“I think it’s very beneficial in helping students get opportunities and to learn better,” says sophomore English major Haylie Hotte. “It gives them more access to gaining more knowledge as an individual.”

On Thursday, October 20, there will be tour and a ribbon cutting ceremony in the Learning Pavilion in honor of the new building starting at 3 p.m.

In an article posted by the Office of Public Affairs, President Marty Meehan states, “Our goal has been to build a system of excellence for the citizens of the Commonwealth, and this new ranking demonstrates just how successful we have been. This is an expression of national acclaim for a university that is focused on building a brighter future for the Commonwealth and its citizens.”

Some students feel professors are a reflection to the ranking. “There are a lot of great professors here that love what they do. It really is all inclusive,” says senior Psychology major, Kayla St. John.

One UMass Dartmouth staff member, Liliana Deandrade from Chartwells Dining Service, proudly comments, “It is everything from the professor to the students coming together as a community.”

Along with professors, student clubs and activities stand out too. According to junior English major Karlin Furtado, “[The school] is convenient. It’s a nice school with a lot of accessible options for the price and they have a lot of clubs to get students involved.”

For some, the ranking came as a surprise and gave them the push to work harder towards the goals they have created. “That is shocking, extremely encouraging, and motivates me to work harder and excel in my studies,” says sophomore English major, Gabrielle Lorthe.

One student knew the new ranking was a big deal despite being from another country. “It is very impressive. I am not sure if I understand the exact significance of it, but from the looks of it, it sounds like students benefit from it in their studies,” said junior Computer Science major Michael Spearman.

With this well-deserved and prestigious honor, the university will continue to drive students to success and enrich the lives of those in the school’s many undergraduate and graduate programs.

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