Men’s soccer outdoes Daniel Webster and ties it up against Rhode Island College

by Nicole Belair, Staff Writer

The UMass Dartmouth men’s soccer team had their second-straight win last Wednesday, when they out Daniel Webster 3-0.

The Corsairs bettered the Eagles by just one shot, 13-12, but put four more on goal.  The first goal was tapped in just seven minutes into the first period by Senior Matt Vidal, assisted by John Correia.   

Score-wise, the rest of the first period was slow, and the period ended with UMass Dartmouth still in the lead, 1-0.

Matt Vidal made another goal 13 minutes into the second period, fueling the Corsairs even further ahead of the Eagles.

Fabio Araujo, with an assist by Jake Moreira, scored a third goal for UMass Dartmouth just eight minutes before the end of the second period.

By the end of the game, UMass Dartmouth had flown past Daniel Webster with a 3-0 victory.

The Corsairs then faced Rhode Island College at home during the 2016 Homecoming Weekend.

It was an even game, remaining tied 3-3 in a crucial Little East Conference matchup.  The tie sent the game into overtime; neither team scored within the two ten-minute halves, ending the game in a draw.

This puts UMass Dartmouth at six wins, three losses, and one tie so far this season.

The Corsairs took 21 shots throughout the course of the game and had 10 saves against Rhode Island College.  

UMass Dartmouth was off to a great start almost immediately.  The Corsairs scored their first goal fourteen minutes into the game.  Stephan Teixiera, with an assist by Haden Cordeiro, made the first goal off the corner, tipped past Rhode Island College keeper Chris Moura.

The score then became 2-0 when Austin Dias scored a second goal in the 27th minute, with an assist by John Correia.

The Corsairs’ lead didn’t last, though, as the Anchormen began to push ahead near the end of the first period.  Rhode Island College’s Kevin Tay Munoz, with an assist by Ty Catunto, made the score 2-1 with 10 minutes left in the period.

Two minutes later, Rhode Island College’s Dan Monteiro scored a second goal, tying the game at 2-2.

The Corsairs entered the second period strong, scoring their third goal of the game within six minutes.  This goal was on their first shot of the period, and put UMass Dartmouth ahead 3-2.

For the next fifteen minutes, the Anchormen made two shots and the Corsairs made four, all of which were saved.

Ultimately, Rhode Island College’s Komla Dogbey scored their third goal with an assist by Cooper Ferriera.

The game remained tied for the rest of the time, sending UMass Dartmouth and Rhode Island College into a 10-minute overtime period.

The Corsairs made seven shots, but all were saved by Anchorman goalie Chris Moura.  A shot by Rhode Island College’s Dennis Vazquez hit the crossbar, and just like that, the period was over without any goals scored.

The Corsairs took three corner kicks and two shots during next overtime period, but the score remained unchanged by the end of 110 minutes.  This would become their first draw of the season.

The next two games for the Corsairs will be away.  First, they will be facing Massachusetts Maritime (5-3-1) on October 4.  On October 8, UMass Dartmouth will be up against UMass Boston, whose team is undefeated 10-0.

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