Office of Sustainability presents movie series


By Scott Lariviere, Staff Writer

The UMass Dartmouth Office of Sustainability continues their sustainability movie series with a showing November 16 at 6 p.m. in LARTS 103.

The movie series this year will feature 6–8 movies. Followed after each movie, they host a discussion which focuses on social issues of sustainability, economic issues, and environmental topics.

There are 6-8 movies in their video series. The release of the third movie in this year’s series will be hosted by the Office of Sustainability on November 16, at 6 p.m. The movie series they offer will cover the info needed for anyone who wants to learn more about initiatives to protect the environment.

The post-movie discussions will include the sharing of ideas among the community to not only raise awareness for others, but to implement the knowledge learned in order to adapt those concepts into each individual’s life.

UMass Dartmouth has been taking steps to showcase the technology needed to accomplish environmentally friendly tasks, and endeavoring on educating students, faculty, and staff on the different ways everyone can contribute to be better sustainable. An aim by the Sustainability Office is to eliminate waste by 2025.

Included in their tips for being green, they encourage students to recycle, eat meatless at least one day a week, keep objects out of the way of heaters, take stairs instead of taking the elevator, and to stop hitting the handicap door buttons when you are not handicapped as it not only wastes electricity, but it also ages the mechanisms faster.

The office gives many tips and tricks for those who wish to conserve and protect the environment. They make the point that protecting the environment is a task that must be undertaken by everyone.

Overall, the Office of Sustainability takes steps to educate students who live on campus on how to be green and to protect the environment.

They teach students ways to cut down on their trash waste and utilize recycling methods, how to save electricity by putting off your electronic devices on campus when they do not need to be on, and of course conserving water.

The office conducts campus clean-ups and clothing drives, working to raise awareness of the many different environmental issues that are plaguing the whole community, rather than just the campus community.

The office is committed to leading UMass Dartmouth to a better future, with green initiatives that will help to influence ideas for a better tomorrow.

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