Riding for the win

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

The UMass Dartmouth Equestrian team keeps the title held high as the riders completed their fourth straight finish in the top five. At their home Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (ISHA) show on Saturday October 29, in which they co-hosted with Rhode Island College, they took home a second place win at Claddagh Farm.

The equestrians were feeling comfy at home and took over the winning blocks as they competed for the many titles. One fun fact is “In 2012, Claddagh proudly became home to the UMass Dartmouth Equestrian Team,” as stated on their website. It is not a wonder the team is always ready and eager to ride towards a win.

Highlights from the Saturday show involve many ribbons and look over to captain sophomore Olivia van der Meer who landed a galloping of a finish, as she completed a high point show stopping performance.

Van der Meer has a lot to be proud about this week after the completion of the competition. By eight points in the Region 1, it holds the highest point total. Van der Meer not only placed first in one event but both the over fences and open flat classes.

The Corsairs were on a role as Senior Natasha Zuzarte came in fifth for her open over fences and open flat classes.

Junior Anna von Einem also took home placements in both of her intermediate classes as well. Einem took sixth in her intermediate flat class and fourth in her intermediate over fences class.

Continuing on in the placements of the over fences and flat classes, junior Michaela Kessel came in fourth for the fences class and third in the novice flat class.

Another one of our UMass Dartmouth senior captains Jillian Ruyffelaert placed sixth in her intermediate flat class awarding us another ribbon.

Senior Kira Hallberg also took home a title as she placed sixth in her novice fences class and fourth in her novice flat class.

The three beginner walk trot canter riders took over the competition as they lead their horses to high ranking. There was a total of nine riders in which UMass Dartmouth took home three of the title spots.

Kudos looks over to first place winner freshman Ava Gastsoulis who took over the spotlight. Sophomore Shelby Cunningham and freshman Lyndsey Getchell also put on a great show, who placed second and third in the competition.

The show did not stop there and the UMass Dartmouth riders had to wrap up with one more title. In the walk trot class sophomore Erin Parrelli ended the day on a perfect note, by closing it up with a fourth-place win.

Make sure you come on down and trot on in to support your favorite UMass Dartmouth equestrian’s as they take stage again this coming Saturday November 12, at the University of Rhode Island ISHA Show, at the Mystic Valley Hunt Club in Glades Ferry, Connecticut.

You can follow our equestrians most Saturdays and keep up to date with stats and the schedule by paying them a visit at the school’s athletic website.


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