Over 40 employers seek students for the common good

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Many students left happy on Wednesday April 5, 2017 as all majors came dressed to impressed for the Jobs and Internship for the Common Good, that was held in the Woodland Commons.

From 2-4 p.m. students gathered around the booths of over 40 featured employers and internship seekers for the areas of human services, non-profit and community-based roles.

Throughout the afternoon students traveled from table to table exploring and filling out various applications, all the while learning more and more about what types of jobs and internships are available to them. Only soon to learn that the possibilities are endless.

The turnout left students with a smile on their face and just that alone is worth all the money in the world. “The turn-out was very good. We are planning on having it again next year,” said UMass Dartmouth Career Developmental Specialist Racheal Roy.

“Our main goal is that our students are happy and employers, we have so many talented students, which is what makes our institution so unique and special,” continued Roy.

Many student felt this opportunity was helpful in their career paths. “It gives them a good idea of what employers are looking for. It shows them where to apply and where to not,” said freshman undeclared major, Sasha Gaston. “Since I am a freshman it shows me where to strengthen my skills socially and where to apply once I graduate.”

UMass Dartmouth STAR Center academic advisor Monica Faria, feels the event stood as a guide that helped give students the confidence to get out there.

“I really feel that the Jobs and Internships for the Common Good is an amazing resource, that opens  students up to endless opportunities and possibilities in their field and career choices,” said Faria. “I spoke to several students who said that it really helped them look at new opportunities they had not thought of.”

Roy believes events like these are essential for students to take advantage of “I think it is important because it educates students on what is available in the job market and the skill sets that are valuable to grow,” said Roy. “It gives them a self-check, am I dressing appropriately, do I smile and make eye contact, do I have a strong handshake…Most importantly it provides students on building their own network and professional frame, casting a wide net and the wider your net the more fish you catch.”

It also helps as a preparatory tool for students who are starting early. “By preparing early it gives me time and a close perspective of how an interview will go,” said Gaston.

Well-rounded students who make an effort will shine to all employers.

“Employers are looking for students who are well rounded and who have internship experience and are professional,” said Roy.

The Career and Development Center’s event helped students follow their next step in their journey.

“The center helped students learn about the different careers available,” said Faria. “It actively shows what our students can do and it only helps them with their next career or internship path. Students were really excited about the conversations they had with the employers.”

You do have to dress to impress; however, that does not mean wearing an entire suit and tie. “You don’t have to wear a suit, just being put together and not a pair of jeans or sneakers,” said Roy.

“Being prepared with a one page resume and cover letter, who has made significant progress and is something that can be read in 6 seconds, while being in chronological order. Something that is very interesting is more employers are looking at emotional intelligence as well.”

If you missed the event rest assured that you too can have the same opportunity.

“For students who missed the Jobs and Internship for the Common Good you can visit the STAR Center or the Career Development Center, for a list of employers or visit the career link in the UMass Dartmouth portal to seek available internships and hiring’s,” said Faria.

Roy is all about seeing students soar over the horizon, while giving them the most important pieces of advice. “Come in and use the Career and Development Center, because we offer so much to students as they are transitioning,” said Roy. “Also, first impressions are everything, you can’t buy a smile!”

Photo Courtesy: Maria Farias


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