A senior look into past, present & future

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

In just a few weeks, UMass Dartmouth will be sending off another generation of college graduates out into the world to soar in their own dreams and goals, that they have worked so hard to obtain.

It has been a journey and looking back on the last four or more years there have been an abundance of memories that have shaped the graduates into who they are.

To be graduating is exciting yet still bittersweet for many of the seniors. “I’m really excited but it is also bitter sweet, I love this school,” said senior graphic design major Jillian Chan. “We have really great people, staff and students. I am [also] a graphic design student and they have a great program for it.”

Senior biology major and aging and health minor Nishat Salsabil is looking forward to graduating. “I feel awesome, I was a commuter but I liked my classes and loved most of my professors and the STAR Center was the best part of my experience, and working along the side of Monica and Romayne.”

Being able to form everlasting friendships is what made it all the more special for some. “I have made a lot of good friends both inside and outside of my major and had really good classes,” said Chan.

UMass Dartmouth’s student organizations and clubs have also helped students to get to where they are now. “I think a lot of it had to do with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship,” said Chan. “I am actually president and it is a very open and comfortable community with great discussions about faith.”

Even the senior thesis is something students look forward to presenting during their last year here that adds to their experience.

However, for some it can be a little bit nerve racking knowing that they will now be finished with school and ready for the real world.

“I am horrified and thrilled it just went by so fast, I have mixed feelings,” said senior English writing, rhetoric and communications major Scott Lariviere. “I feel like I have been here long enough but not long enough.”

The future is fresh, new and exciting for seniors looking to step into a whole new world, in the hopes of obtaining a position in their career choice. “I am looking for a graphic design position anywhere that I can use it to make a difference,” said Chan.

Senior liberal arts major Dean Scott hopes to keep working and look for a job in copywriting, sports media or public relations. It has been a long journey for him but he never gave up.

“I feel good. It’s been a long time. It has not been four years it has taken me six years to graduate. Especially while working to pay for school,” said Scott. His method: “Just sticking with it and there were times I questioned it and if I should be here.”

Parents and their support along the way make all the difference in the world when looking back on their journey. It makes for a very special time for both students and parents alike when receiving their diploma and walking across the stage.

Students would not be where they are without them. “My parents are my inspiration because they are always motivating me and supporting me,” said Salsabil. “Also my mom is a great cook and I always can’t wait to go home and eat. Plus I tell my mom everything!”

Friendships and professors are much to thank for adding to the graduates’ success. “Those friendships you make and those special professors that make an impact on you,” said Lariviere. “The inspiration from professors and the encouragement and support from my friends [is what helped me get to where I am now].”

Students will come together with their families, friends, fellow classmates, professors, faculty, and UMass Dartmouth community to celebrate their achievements and new beginnings at this years commencement, which will be held on Saturday May 13 at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass.

The UMass Law Commencement will take place Monday, May 15 in the Angus Baily Auditorium in the Campus Center.

UMass Dartmouth graduates have some final words for the end of their undergraduate careers. “I did get a very new perspective through the wisdom gained from my experience at UMass. The English department professors I have had were like winning an academic jackpot. As a Corsair I proudly declare this the time you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow,” said Lariviere.


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