Pumpkins, costumes, and candy apples… oh my!

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

On October 25, 2017 The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Campus Activities, Dining Services and the SAIL office came together for the annual Nightmare on Ring Road Halloween Party, in the cafeteria of the Campus Center with nothing but spooky fun for all.

Students could sit back and relax with friends after midterms and celebrate Halloween. People came dressed to impress in the hopes of winning the costume contest and carved their way through their pumpkins using creativity to guide them.

People came in groups and enjoyed a nice spread of treats without the tricks. From a make your own candy apple bar to fresh cinder donuts, to cookies and hot apple cider there was something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Students from all grades and majors gathered together and dressed up in fan favorites including: Little Red Riding Hood, Mary Poppins, Arthur from the fan favorite kids TV show, Mario and Luigi, Cats, The Walking Dead and more. They were all original and creative.

The Walking Dead and their fancy makeup skills took home first place, Mary Poppins with her homemade DIY costume and twirling black umbrella took second place, and BoJack Horseman took third place.

The runners up were Pimp Slickback and Sauron from Lord of the Rings. An honorable mention also goes to Arthur the aardvark.

Pumpkin carving was a fan favorite as students got to choose their own pumpkins and carve a special picture using their imaginations.

Pumpkins came in all shapes and sizes, and the themes were very creative and intricate. Some designs included “UMD’s Season’s,” “UMass Dartmouth,” Halloween themes and more. The pumpkins were then judged and the top four pumpkins were selected as winners.

One group of boys loved the pumpkin carving as it was something that you don’t usually get to do on a weeknight. “The pumpkin carving contest…was something easy and fun to do on a Wednesday night, when you wouldn’t really do anything else,” said senior operations management major, Jack Tomczyk, “We carved our Spooky Bois logo.”

Sophomore nursing student, Vanessa Pinheiro, also loved the pumpkin carving. “The pumpkin carving was really fun. I enjoyed watching the pumpkin ride [too].”

Ladies and gents also took the mic singing karaoke, while others headed over to the tarot reader to have their fortunes told.

Others enjoyed the wildly big pumpkin bowl blow-up ride as they tried to hold on for their lives. “It was fun, my favorite part was the pumpkin bowl,” said exchange student computer science and economic business major, Rolf Schick.

Senior digital media major, Pharoah Jackson agrees. “It was pretty fun the music and the pumpkin bowl was great, also the pumpkin carving and food,” said Jackson excitedly.

Students thought the overall event was a huge success and was something that they would love to attend again. “It was a lot of fun, it’s awesome that everyone was in the spirit of Halloween and enjoying themselves,” said sophomore medical lab science major Aviana Koch.

“[Events like these] helps everyone socialize more and meet everyone and really enjoy their college experience.”

To add to the occasion, the event staff also provided a DJ for music and black and white Halloween movie screenings in the background while students relaxed.

The Ubar was also opened for those 21 and up to enjoy a Halloween drink in a safe environment. “I enjoyed the Ubar because it is something that I enjoy every semester,” said Senior business management major, Carlos Palacio. “I also liked the decorations for Halloween.”

Some students would love to see the offices come together to do a campus wide Christmas party. “I think they should do a reindeer ride for Christmas [just like the pumpkin bowl they had for the Halloween party],” said Pinheiro.

To see photos of this year’s winners and all the tricks and treats at this year’s Nightmare on Ring Road Halloween party, you can view both video and photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @umassdeats. Happy Halloween!


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