UMass Dartmouth hockey opens with defeat

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By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer

After three first period goals, and one second period goal, UMass Dartmouth found it impossible to recover, even with eight power plays, and suffered a crushing loss to Curry College, losing 5-1.

Curry started on the right foot, scoring twice in two separate power plays, making the score 2-0 after the first 4 minutes. Following this the Corsairs fired two shots on net but with no luck, before Curry College found the net once again, leaving the score 3-0 by the end of the first period.

UMass Dartmouth should have had a better first period, with 16 shots on net versus Curry’s 14. The Corsairs were simply just unable to find the net.

Curry pushed their lead even further ahead halfway through the second period with another goal. Even with the 11 shots on net UMass D was unable to find the net once again.

It wasn’t till 8 minutes into the third period that senior Mike Stones of Waterdown, Ontario was able to put a point on the board for the Corsairs, thanks to the assist from classmates Casey Shea of Woburn, Mass., and Jerry Laakso of Tampere, Finland. This highlight was short lived, however, because not long after Curry was able to score one final time on yet another power play.

Despite the crushing loss, UMass D had greater opportunities than Curry, with 37 shots on net versus Curry’s 36. Even with eight power play chances, the Corsairs were unable to score on all but one of them, failing to take advantage of the chances given, whereas Curry was able to find three of their five goals on three of the six power plays they were given. UMass D was unable to take advantage of the shot advantage as well as the power play advantage, and met a harsh loss because of it.

Aside from not finding the net, the next most important thing the Corsairs should make sure of is to not play so dirty, totaling six penalties their opening game. Being on the defensive 12 minutes out of the opening game can lead to some rough situations, as Curry was able to prove.

An exceptional performance from senior goalie Drew Michals who had a remarkable 31 saves.

The best thing we can hope for is for UMass Dartmouth Ice hockey to learn from this crushing defeat for their next games, both at home, one against Fitchburg State, Tuesday October 31, and another against Assumption College Thursday November 2. Hopefully the Corsairs will be able to take advantage of power plays and hopefully be able to find the net with their numerous shots on net. Perhaps the spirit of playing at home will be enough to grant them some kind of good fortune.

There are lessons in defeat, even those as brutal as this opening game. The mistakes UMass D made are obvious enough. All that remains to be seen is whether or not UMass D can make the necessary changes.

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