Follow up: Chiefs stick with Reid, lose to Jets

By Justin McKinney, Sports Editor

In the wake of Ben McAdoo being fired by the Giants one has to wonder when Andy Reid’s day of reckoning will be coming with the Chiefs. What started out as a banner year for the Chiefs given their 5-0 record and the thrashings they have doled against the Patriots and Eagles, has quickly become a living nightmare for Chiefs fans as they are 6-6 and in severe danger of not making the playoffs.

They have lost six of their last seven games and to very average opponents to boot. This week’s loss came at the hands of the previously 4-7 Jets. Not to mention, this past weekend against the Jets Reid turned play calling duties over to his offensive coordinator, Matt Nagy at the games halfway point.

My question now is what are they waiting for? I said this last week, but apparently it needs to be said again because Reid still has a job. Andy Reid is an aggressively mediocre coach. In his time in Philly he didn’t do much after 2004 and skated by on his first three seasons of success as well as being just slightly above or average after taking the Eagles to a Super Bowl in 2004.

The Chiefs organization owes him nothing, not a single thing, he hasn’t even brought them past a divisional round and likely will miss the playoffs for his second time as the Chiefs head coach this year.

Andy Reid reminds me of a slightly better version of Marvin Lewis, neither is nothing more than mediocre but occasionally they will show spurts of greatness which is why they both have jobs. That being said neither is close to good enough to ever get a ring. Both of them will have regular season success; however, neither will do much in the playoffs. Reid will win a divisional game and maybe an NFC championship once every 10 years and Lewis will just lose divisional rounds year in and year out; but that’s the only real difference.

It’s also worth noting Philadelphia’s current state since abandoning Reid. They are currently a top five team in the NFL with a fantastic and young roster. Doug Pederson has done a great job guiding that team and showing the league that the team is legit. Of course they had a few rough rebuilding years right after Reid, however they have found their stride.

If KC axes Reid now they won’t have to spend time rebuilding as they have a great roster now and can win now. They have shown spurts of greatness with the core roster Reid has, they just can never hold it together for an entire season. If they fire Reid now this season can still be salvaged and next season they have a legit shot at contending for a title.

If they stick with Reid though, none of this will happen, Reid will keep losing when it matters most and winning when it doesn’t matter at all like in week one and two of the regular season.

To add to that, they are squandering so many solid player’s careers with Reid at the helm. He needs to go in order for them to reach the heights they are truly capable of; an Andy Reid Chiefs team will never even make it to a Super Bowl and given that team’s talent level it is truly sad.

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