K.C. done with Reid? They should be

By Justin McKinney, Sports Editor

The time has now come for the Kansas City Chiefs organization to make what will be sure to be a very controversial choice; that choice is whether or not to stick with Andy Reid as their head coach or cut ties with him either now or at the end of the season.

While many hail Andy Reid as one of the best coaches in football today, and some even questioned if Reid was a better coach than Bill Belichick after the Chiefs routed the Patriots in week one, this season is not going how Reid or the Chiefs had hoped.

Despite getting off to a red hot start, going 5-0 and downing the two best teams currently in football, Philadelphia (10-1) and New England (9-2), the Chiefs have now lost five of their last six, including a loss to the very horrid New York Giants.

Given that the Raiders, who have beat K.C. already this season, and the Chargers, who are currently surging, are only a game back for the lead in the AFC West.

Plus, the fact that the second place team in the AFC West could very well find themselves without a playoff spot; this is a perfect time for K.C. to panic.

To add to this mess, Reid has never been a crunch time coach. When Andy Reid has a plethora of time to prepare and no pressure, he will win, hence him beating the Patriots and Eagles in week one and two of this season. However, when put in a tough spot Reid never does well.

Even as far back as when he was coaching in Philly from 1999 to 2012, he has never been able to produce better than one 13-3 season and a single NFC Championship win. His teams for the most part are just aggressively middle of the road throughout his career, they aren’t amazing, but they certainly aren’t bad.

Even as Chiefs head coach he really hasn’t been that impressive in his first four seasons. He has lost in the divisional round of the playoffs twice and is in danger of missing the playoffs for second time in his Chiefs career.

It has been a mediocre tenure at best for Reid thus far, with his biggest highlights in his Chiefs career beating the Patriots twice when it didn’t matter and losing to them when it did in the 2015 divisional round of the playoffs.

If Reid had produced a few rings in Philly and even an AFC Championship birth in K.C. I might argue he is worth keeping around but the fact is he has never won a ring and has only been to one Super Bowl in his 19 years as an NFL head coach. Given the amount of talent he has coached in his time, it is a bit sad he hasn’t gone to more Super Bowls.

In fact during his time in Philly he actually lost three straight conference championship games from 2001 to 2003.

The fact is, Andy Reid thrives off being a B- coach at best. He’s certainly better than average, but he isn’t what you need to win a Super Bowl, I say fire him.

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