CAS warmly welcomes its new dean, Dr. Pauline Entin

By Sawyer Pollitt, Staff Writer
When walking around the Liberal Arts building on campus, one may spy a new face among old friends and favorite faculty. She’s the new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and her name is Dr. Pauline Entin. Dr. Entin was hired this September to take the place of Interim Dean, Dr. Amy Shapiro. She comes from a scientific background and has experience in education as well as administrative work. “I’m a biologist by training,” says Entin. “I was a faculty member at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona from 2001 through August 2018. I started as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science. I conducted research, advised, and taught classes from the freshmen through graduate levels.” Her expertise in teaching shines through in what she has set as her goals during her time at UMass Dartmouth. Entin told The Torch, “Two aspects of the university mission that I consider top priorities are student access and attainment.” She elaborated by saying that she is interested in seeing that those students who are motivated and devoted to their studies to have the opportunity to pursue a degree.“I’m excited to contribute to making UMassD an even more student-centered, exciting place to study and learn.” Though she hopes for the best for all students, she did say that there is no easy path to success. “There’s no magic carpet that can carry every student to and through college.” She went on to talk about the student body and how inequalities can be addressed saying, “We have diverse students, and we need a range of support programs, curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.” This eye for the needs of students is a good sign for someone who will be in an administrative position above many students here at UMass. From her time already spent on campus, Dr. Entin has had some great encounters, “…all the people I have met have been wonderfully welcoming and collaborative.” says Entin. During her first few weeks on campus, Dr. Entin lived in Oak Glen and remarked that it was a great chance to get an understanding of residential life here at UMass Dartmouth. Some faculty are known for just sitting in their offices but Dr. Entin is excited about what events the school has to offer. “I am particularly excited about our interdisciplinary programs such as Data Science, Liberal Arts, and Health and Society.” Being involved in student activities ties into some of the experience that Entin has had in the past as the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, working with Student Affairs and other aspects of her prior university. Lastly, there is a point of contention that looms over the campus – our famous brutalist architecture, some love it and some hate it, but when asked, Dr. Entin gave no specific answer but instead replied, “I’m appreciating that the campus itself is logically designed and has preserved a lot of green space.” Dr. Pauline Entin is a highly welcomed new addition to the UMass Dartmouth community and to the College of Arts and Sciences. PHOTO COURTESY: UMASS DARTMOUTH

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