New campus-based talk show organization seeking members

By Editor-in-Chief Chelsea Cabral.

Junior political science student, Amanda Kuffoh, is spearheading a new student-led club in partnership with the campus radio station, WUMD, called “IQ: Intellectual Quest,” a YouTube series that seeks to think, analyze, and deliberate over socio-cultural topics and complications in both national and international contexts.

Kuffoh hopes that the conglomerate with the campus radio station will strengthen both student engagement amongst the community and that with WUMD, who recently had their FM signal sold to RI Public Radio, though who still make their presence on campus as apparent as possible.

“This show will be a chance for students to sit at a round table and share their opinions and thoughts on certain topics each episode,” Kuffoh says. “These episodes will be recorded and shared on the show’s YouTube page. We’ll also be using the many platforms that WUMD has to offer such as TuneIn, Spotify, and the WUMD website.”

For the new endeavor to be as varied and unique as possible, Kuffoh is looking for a wide swath of students from campus stemming from all walks of life who are willing to speak and be on camera. She believes that would allow for a series to reach and deeply influence a larger audience.

“I want this show to be a chance for students from different majors and various backgrounds to be able to share their opinions and thoughts on topics regardless of how educated they are,” she says. “I am in search of a diverse cast, including members from all academic departments on campus, as well as members of all races, cultures, religions, and backgrounds.”

While any series is not dependent solely on its on-camera stars, Kuffoh is also on the lookout for any behind-the-scenes crew who have skills with videography, video editing, music composition and production, and music editing.

Though the club has not come to fruition as it is still in its beginning stages, any student with interest—whether being on the screen or not—should reach out to Kuffoh through email at

Kuffoh will also answer any possible inquires pertaining to the organization as well. “While this applies to students who have an interest in participating in the show, but don’t know in what way, we will work with you, “ Kuffoh says. “If you don’t know what kind of position you want, we can work with you to accommodate and find something that portrays your talents.”


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