Climate Café: Lets talk about weather

By Contributing Writer Caroline Quirk.

Do you have questions, doubts or strong opinions about climate change but feel like you have no one to talk to? Well, you’re in luck, UMass Dartmouth has joined Mass Audubon in the Climate Cafe to answer to all your questions and listen to your opinions!

Though considerably underrated, communication is one of the most important actions individuals can take to help fight climate change.

By talking with friends, family and others, an individual has the power to not only learn, but spread awareness of climate change. It is this awareness that will save our planet.

The Climate Cafe is a program run by Mass Audubon to provide communities with a way to discuss the increasingly pressing topic of climate change in an informal and judge-free environment.

The model is being used around the globe to start conversation and spread knowledge of climate change.

The first on campus Climate Cafe took place on Thursday, February 28, and it was a great success. Students and staff were able to take part in an open discussion about their concerns, questions, and ideas about climate change.

Members of Mass Audubon were also able to ask questions to the students and staff about what the UMass Dartmouth community is currently doing to be more sustainable.

UMass Dartmouth is known to be a very sustainable campus, from our very successful sustainability initiative on campus, to our energy saving campaign, we prioritize sustainable living on campus.

Therefore, the Climate Cafe fits perfectly into UMass Dartmouth’s atmosphere. It has the power to show the community that there is hope and there are real solutions.

Mass Audubon was represented by four members including Jen Costa, who spoke of the goal of the Climate Cafes at Umass Dartmouth, “I hope that we are able to start a meaningful discussion within the UMass Dartmouth community that helps us understand the problem of climate change and know that we can all take part in fixing it.”

Opening a free-thought, risk-free discussion allows for communities all around the world to divulge into the mysteries and rumors of the climate crisis and learn more actions that everyone, not just environmentalists, are able to do to contribute to the solution of climate change.

The Climate Cafe does not stop here! Keep your eyes open for the following dates.

Wednesday, March 27 12-1pm

Tuesday, April 23 12:30-1:30pm


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