Corsairs trade in snow boots for life jackets as Sailing starts again

By Staff Writer Madison Kenn.

As the first few days of Spring begin, the Women’s Corsair Sailing team prepares to dismount their boats from their shelter, and get them back into the water.

To kick off the first weekend of Spring 2019, on Saturday, March 23rd, the Massachusetts Maritime Central series will begin in Plymouth Ma at the Keith Hartford Sailing Center, approximately at 9:30 in the morning.

The Harvard Sailing Pavilion will be hosting the next two races, held on Saturday, March 30th and Sunday March 31st, located in Cambridge, MA.

The starting times for these races have yet to be determined but will be uploaded onto the UMass Dartmouth Sports page through the main portal after the first race of the season is held.

The last two races of the Spring season won’t be held until the first weekend of April, one being on Saturday, April 6th, again held by the Keith Hartford Facility in Plymouth, MA, and the second one, known as the Aylmers’ Cup, will again, be hosted by the Harvard Sailing Pavilion in Cambridge MA.

The team is looking forward to place at a higher rank than last season, placing between 6th and 10th place out of 11 teams racing overall.

In one of the 2018 Fall races, held on October 20th, our UMass Dartmouth Corsairs, Division A, were just one point away from beating the McGill University Redbirds and the Yale University Bulldogs, sailing in the FJ model.

With the Wentworth Institute of Technology division A, also referred to as the Leopards, scoring 60 points, and our Corsairs scoring 64 points, the Corsairs ranked 10th place overall.

Shaving off a few points would bring them into the top 5 teams, which is what the Corsairs’ goal is for this season.

Division B has to work a little harder to obtain this goal but are without a doubt, determined and prepared to put on their best game face and compete this season.

In order to obtain their goal, the Corsairs and their head-coach, Luke Hubert, are hoping for if not perfect, at least good sailing weather, and planning ahead of time to avoid high winds at all costs in order to race.


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