UMassD strives for 100% renewable energy

By Staff Writer Tamendy Raymond.

The students of MassPIRG, a statewide student organization that works to defend public interest, hosted their “Energizing to 100% Renewable Energy Campaign,” a press event to educate the UMass Dartmouth community on the importance and impacts of renewable energy, on April 4 at 2:30 PM in the Birch Hall Conference room.

They had the opportunity to discuss the environment that will rank various college campuses across the U.S on their efforts reverting to renewables as well as the steps UMass Dartmouth has taken to become 100% renewable energy resources.

The press release was introduced and opened by Senior Keith Marcoccia. The student’s of MassPIRG were able to create an inspirational and educational video, which was a collection of testimonials from various professor’s from the UMass Dartmouth community to assist in discussing the importance of advocating for renewable energy.

“Goal is to live in a healthy world, renewable energy supplies itself. [The] mission is to save humanity not even the planet,” stated Biology Professor Elizabeth McCliment.
This creates conversation of natural carbon advances. Everything needs energy to function, our phones, tablets… ect.

By cutting down consumptions, using diverse forms of energy and focusing on efficiency investments, Umass Dartmouth will help work towards a better future.

We should be a model system, and in order to be successful we need engagement and participation. This is not only a global issue or planet problem, it affects human life and in retrospect generations.

Some may argue that there may be a decline in jobs, however this creates an expansion in opportunities for technology and engineering, it is the understanding the development worlds for a better quality of life. MassPIRG quoted Thomas Edison in the presentation, stating “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

We had the opportunity to welcome Antonio F. D. Cabral, the representative of the 13th Bristol District, a Representative from Environment of America.

He was able to provide the audience a greater understanding on the importance of energy. The Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability and Residential Initiatives, Jamie Jacquart gathered with us in this important discussion of renewable energy.

Essentially, as leaders we must divest in fossil fuels, for it is damaging our climate, and the Earth can’t survive. It is unhealthy and dangerous for our environment. Ideally, transitioning to solar and wind will help preserve our future. By creating new innovative technologies, switching from biofuel oil to natural gas is a compelling decision, and by the year 2030, UMass Dartmouth can help actively work towards MassPIRG’s goals.

We are striving for UMass Dartmouth to be on the frontline, converting from 90% to 100% renewable energy, and without the concrete participation in this movement, it will be impossible.

Through student involvement, using different energies as alternatives and assessing ourselves, we can help to determine how our energies are being used to create a better future for all.


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