Study Abroad at UMassD

By Op-Ed Editor James Mellen 

Are you interested in spending a semester overseas with study abroad UmassD? Study abroad is a program where students from UmassD are invited to go to study in foreign countries. These classes are taught in English and count for UmassD credits, as well as boost employment opportunities for students who participate. Besides looking good on paper, studying in another country is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What does it take to do a semester abroad? Eligible students must have a declared major, have finished at least one semester, be considered “in good standing” and be over 18. In order to be considered a student who is in “good standing” one use have a minimum of a 2.5 gpa, a good conduct history, and bill that has been paid off.

There are three criteria that one should consider when picking a program that is right for them. Cost, can I afford to do this? Courses, what classes do I need to take? Stand Out. How will this look to future employers?  Once you have considered these things you can request an advising appointment by email ( with a UmassD study abroad adviser.

Once you have decided on a program you can apply online through the UmassD study abroad database. The necessary study abroad paperwork can be found online through the database. Some programs do require a two hundred and fifty dollar deposit. Once abroad students are graded on an equivalency scale with the native university on a scale between A+ and C-. Students are responsible for sending their own transcript to UmassD. While abroad students are encouraged to find volunteer and other academic opportunities.

Financial aid can be used on study abroad, however additional aide will not be awarded to students who decide to study abroad. UmassD offers a variety of scholarships for high achieving students who wish to study abroad, which can be found on their website. While the idea of studying abroad may seem financially intimidating, there are many opportunities that can be made affordable if done correctly. Students can take a semester abroad during the one of the two academic semesters (fall or Spring) or during the Winter or Summer.

Here are some student testimonials of their study abroad experiences: “In the 30 that days I was in Lisbon, it was a worldly experience meeting new people, learning about a new culture and seeing new places. Meeting people from different countries and exchanging experiences made me all the more better. My advice to any one is to go abroad, don’t go just for the sake of education, go because the world is not one sided, the world is not one race. Go because the world is full of people that you want to know.” – Albert Roberson a Political Science major who went to Lisbon Portugal.

“This experience is one of the highlights of my life and I hope it is just the start of my experiences with traveling. This country is absolutely amazing and beautiful and I am anxious to travel around the world to explore other countries and learn about other cultures. I have made so many friends while here and feel like I belong in this country. So, as I leave, I am not saying “Goodbye” to Australia, rather, “See you later Australia!!” or “Hooroo!!” (as they say here!) because I will most definitely be back!!!” – Stacey Miner a Psychology & Sociology major who went to Australia.

More information on study abroad can be found at the Umass Dartmouth study abroad website.





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