Greta Thunberg’s UN speech 

By Contributing Writer Caroline Quirk

Just a few weeks ago, Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a zero emissions sail boat to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Her speech was nothing short of extraordinary, let alone necessary.

In the speech, Thunberg addressed the issue of the youth community being left to deal with the mess that older generations left, due to their ignorance of the issue surrounding climate change. She exposed the government and older generations for not taking action when it was most needed, and for still not taking action when it is extremely severe.

Her speech hit home for the youth of society who, frankly, are fed up. The lack of government action is unacceptable, when the facts are right in their own face. The climate is changing, ice caps are melting, there is a refugee crisis on our hands, what more proof do you need?

Apparently much more. The reactions to Thunberg’s speech show just that. Aside from the strong support from the youth and most of the left. She got a lot of backlash from the right, including our own president, Donald Trump.

Trump criticized Thunberg’s disposition and attitude toward the subject, sarcastically saying that she seems to be looking forward to a ‘wonderful’ future. It is disappointing that even after her empowering and unsettling speech, the president did not even listen to the words she was saying.

Fox News pundit, Michael Knowles also joined in attacking Thunberg, not what she was arguing or saying but instead attacked her appearance and illnesses. He likened her image to ones similar to Nazi propaganda just because of how she looks.

It is ironic that the backlash from Thunberg’s well-spoken and well-informed speech were purely around attacking her person, not the ideas and facts that she presented. This is partly why Thunberg takes no heat from these comments, she continues to fight for our future and our planet, just as we all should be doing.




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