Women’s Soccer seniors honored amidst Corsair collapse vs. Westfield State, Western Connecticut 

By Staff Writer Sara Vasquez 

This week, the UMassD women’s soccer team played two of the last four games of their season, crawling to unfortunate losses in each 

On Tuesday, October 22, the Corsairs faced off against Westfield State, but stumbled out of the gate and fell to a 2-0 loss 

Westfield State had managed to dominate the field all game long, seizing time of possession, shots and scoring opportunities at will. Taking full control of the ball from whistle to whistle, the Owls fired a grand total of 24 shots at will 

UMassD Junior goalie Jaimee O’Brien, with her work obviously cut out for her, managed to save four shots on goal. As the game progressed and a weary O’Brien was gracefully removed from her post, freshman goalie Kathrine Hubbard took over at net and managed to make four additional saves in her appearance. 

In their second appearance of the week, on Saturday, the Corsairs unfortunately lost their Senior Night game against Western Connecticut, ending what was once a celebratory occasion at a 3-1 deficit 

In a trend for opponents of the Corsairs, carried through from the week’s previous action, Western Connecticut had full control of the field for the entire match. With the outcome of the game in the palm of their hand, the Colonials climbed to an early two-goal lead, but did so in less of an offensive gun-show than that of Westfield State the game prior. 

Despite the dire straits plaguing the Corsairs’ week, Jaimee O’Brien certainly had herself a game to remember, clocking in eleven total saves in the setback 

Through the first fifteen games of their season, the Corsairs, struggling as they may, stand at a meager 3-12. While far from an illustrious winning season, the effort put forth by the Corsairs to break the nine-game losing streak suffered at the beginning of the campaign must not be understated. 

This next week marks the last week of the season for this struggling Corsair crew, but with any luck, hopefully they can turn the losing trends of their season around and win their last two games.  

On Wednesday evening, October 30th, the Corsairs are set to play Worcester State, starting at 7:00pm. Their last game, win or lose, will be played against Castleton, on Saturday, November 2nd at 6:00pm. This last game is also a non-conference game bearing no further judgement on the Corsairs’ playoff chances. 


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