Earth Week is here!

By Contributing Writer Caroline Quirk

Earth week is here! Although we are not spending Earth Day as we expected, we can still celebrate our planet from the safety of our homes. One day is not enough to appreciate everything our planet has done for us, so the Green Navigators celebrate Earth Week.

If you’re bored at home, like most of us are, here are some fun activities you can do at home! Through UMass collective Earth Week programs came the social dictation celebration of 50 years of Earth day. They’ve created some activities; you can play a sustainable version of Bingo and a scavenger hunt! All of which get you outside enjoying what Earth has to offer.

Make the most out of this mess we are in and reflect on what really matters. Think about ways you can change our life to make our Earth a priority, be more sustainable. The Office of Sustainability wishes you a wonderful and productive Earth Week, and to stay safe and healthy!


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