Star Center’s Inside Scoop with The CAS Deans

Volunteer Writer: Isabella Gerardi


There was high energy and excitement in the Star Center on Thursday, September 28th, as they hosted their “Inside Scoop With the Deans” event. This event was open to all Umass Dartmouth students and allowed students to identify available resources on campus.

The Inside Scoop balanced fun and learning as students met with faculty and learned more about different opportunities within the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Students were encouraged to consider how they felt about their major and to ask questions about transferring or changing one’s major or adding on a minor.

(Photographed by Volunteer Writer Isabella Gerardi)

With plenty of good food – from pizza to ice cream – students could play different games, allowing them to learn about the various resources available on campus and get to know faculty better. 

One of the games was human bingo, in which all of the squares asked students to find someone who fit the description (for example, someone who speaks another language or likes the architecture of UMass Dartmouth). 

The first person to fill two rows – with at least one faculty member and one dean – would win a UMass Dartmouth tumbler cup. 

Representatives from the career center staff, Associate Dean of Students Shelly Scott, Dean Dr. Robert Jones, Assistant Dean Kaisa Halloway Cripps, and peer mentors were present to discuss opportunities and speak with students. 

The faculty, staff, and peer mentors encouraged students to reach out with any questions and take advantage of the resources available on campus. 

The Career Center provided a list of upcoming events, such as career fairs on October 17th and November 9th, and encouraged students to make appointments with the center through Handshake. 

At the career center, students can receive help creating resumes, preparing for interviews, and searching for internship/career opportunities. 

For more information, students can check out their website here

Even Hadly, a Newfoundland therapy dog on campus, was present! 

(Photographed by Volunteer Writer Isabella Gerardi)

The Star Center is a fantastic resource on campus for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

The Star Center is located in LARTS 222 and offers advising for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. According to the Star Center, the location is home to a team of “Professional academic advisors, peer mentors, and faculty advisors from most Arts & Sciences majors and minors can help you plan your academic career thoughtfully and thoroughly.”

The Star Center is a great place for students with questions about academic opportunities and the different majors and minors available in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

It is available to help students create their schedules, find internships and research opportunities, decide on a major or minor, transition from a major or minor, and so much more.

They also help with academic advising, so students who need clarification on their schedule or current program can always make appointments to discuss this with an advisor. 

They also have Pre-Professional specific advising aimed at students considering graduate schools in health programs or law schools. 

Any student interested in the pre-law or pre-med program can meet with academic advisor Jessica Oliveria to learn more about these pre-professional opportunities on campus.

The Star Center is a fantastic resource for students in the College of Arts and Sciences to become more comfortable and excited about their academic careers and beyond.  

Are you interested in making an appointment? Check out their website here to make an appointment or for more information about what they offer for students.


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