Self-Care Is Important

By Contributing Writer Jordon DaSilva-Martins Stress can be damaging to college students’ physical and mental health. While stress typically receives negative connotations, it is the body’s natural response to change. Therefore, everyone needs some level of stress in their life and it should be depicted as a normal aspect of life. Harvard Healthy explains that without stress, we as humans would have never developed our … Continue reading Self-Care Is Important

Corsairs! We need you 

By Contributing Writer Jordon DaSilva-Martins   Did you know that 28% of the university’s population experiences food insecurity? That is almost 2000 students, faculty, and staff! Food insecurity is limited food availability and access based on numerous factors. Such as, time, income, health restrictions and/or needs, etc. You may not notice by being swamped with classes and endless exams, but there is still a need for … Continue reading Corsairs! We need you