Jill Stein on the rise

by Sade Smith, News Editor
Over the summer in Springfield, Massachusetts, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke at a Black Lives Matter rally. As a speaker for many current movements regarding racial equality, education reform and environmental policies, she has become a standing platform for young voters everywhere. Since her announcement to run for president in 2015, Stein has chosen human rights activist Ajamu Baraka as her running mate. He is well known for the “abolitionist of the year” award, which he won in 2001. Together, they plan to create a “people-powered movement” for a new America. The Green Party candidates so far have had their hands full with the campaign itself, as well as turning their advocacies into action. Just this month, both political leaders were arrested at one of the construction sites in North Dakota, now facing misdemeanor criminal charges for spray painting bulldozers at the site. Stein has voiced great opposition with the Great Sioux Nation to the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying, “The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe deserves to be treated as human beings; respect our water.” Stein also advocated a Green New Deal in her 2012 campaign, bringing it back to life this year. It was made to address and propel the need for energy renewal jobs in America, as well as democratizing the Federal Reserve, ending its independence. This is a stance that has set Stein apart from her larger candidates, such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In terms of keeping up with her campaign, Stein’s campaign manager is sure to stay active both on social media and on her webpage. Jill Stein for America’s Instagram page is updated daily with photos of Stein either in action or of the movements she and her running mate support. At the Black Lives Matter rally in Springfield, she referred to the young people many times, applauding the bravery and knowledge of the group. She announced, “I speak to you in solidarity with the Black community and I thank you for allowing me to speak in your space as an ally and a soldier next to you on the battlefield.” For more information on Jill Stein’s campaign, visit her website at jill2016.com.

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