Men and women splash into Babson

by Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

This weekend, UMass Dartmouth men’s football had a tough game, with a season-low rushing total. Saturday evening’s game ended with Western Connecticut’s win of 35-22.

The Corsairs started off well in the first quarter with a one-point lead over Western Connecticut with an 8-7 score at the end of the first.

In the first quarter, Kyle McKinnon of WCSU made the first touchdown after a rush for 5 yards at the 07:48 mark as WCSU took the lead 7-0

Senior Cory Burnham made a complete pass to Abbi Bamgbose for 26 yards to the score zone; with Burnham’s rush attempt earning a 2-point conversion putting UMass Dartmouth in the lead 8-7. Bamgbose made the touchdown with the clock at 2:39.

The second quarter was a struggle, with WCSU taking the lead with three touchdowns. A series of three-and-outs with one-yard scoring carries.

Burnham gained another touchdown for UMass as he found Junior Eddie Sheridan for a 21-yard pass.

By the end of the second quarter, the Corsairs scored 8-points while Western Connecticut scored 21-points, securing the lead. Western Connecticut’s Patterson made a rush for 1 yard to score a touchdown as the clock hit 12:52.

J. D’Onofrio earned WCSU an extra point with a good kick taking the score of WCSU to 14 as UMass Dartmouth’s score remained at 8.

WCSU’s Kyle McKinnon made a rush for 1 yard to the UMD0, marking the touchdown with the clock at 2:15. This brought Western Connecticut to a score of 28 while UMass remained at 8.

But before the second quarter ended, UMass Dartmouth scored another 8 points as Eddie Sheridan scored a touchdown with 41 seconds on the clock earning 6 points, and a pass attempt by Burnham to Matt Mitch earning extra points. End of the second quarter had WCSU leading with 28 points and UMass with 16 points.

The third quarter for both teams was unsuccessful. No
points were gained and the teams both earned penalties. Between fouls, incompletes, and holding, it was not possible for the teams to score points.

In the fourth quarter, there were some points gained for UMass Dartmouth and Western Connecticut.

Western Connecticut’s Quinn Fleeting made a complete pass to Bobby Durham, for 23 yards to the score zone; earning them another touchdown with the clock at 11:43.

A successful extra point with a kick attempt brought the score to 35 for Western Connecticut as UMass Dartmouth fell behind with 16.

UMass Dartmouth’s junior Mike Slaughter earned the last earned points of the game with a rush for 4 yards, landing a touchdown with the clock 08:59.

The touchdown brought UMass Dartmouth to 22 points against Western Connecticut with a 13-point lead leaving them with 35 points.

UMass Dartmouth will close the regular season as they host Fitchburg State University at Cressy field on November 5 at 1 p.m.

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