Charlton Business College Dean to step down

by Scott Lariviere, Staff Writer

The Dean of the Charlton College of Business has announced that he will be stepping down after the current academic year.

Dean Angappa Gunasekaran assumed the position as the Dean of the Charlton College of Business in January of 2013. While his deanship has lasted for the past four years, Gunasekaran has been a professor at UMass Dartmouth since 1995.

He held academic positions in the U.K., Australia, Finland, India, and Canada. He has over 250 articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Before he assumed the position of Dean, he taught operations management. He enjoyed teaching and his research, and looks forward to returning to it.

Gunasekaran had been active in publishing papers and presenting keynote addresses and talks all over the world. He also does some editorial work including reviewing papers for journals.

While he is looking forward to getting back to such work, he reflected on his time as Dean, “The entire time was great, working with my colleagues.”

Upon receiving Gunasekaran’s decision to step down, the Office of Provost sent out an email on October 21, 2016 to faculty and students to notify them of the decision.

The email also highlighted notable achievements the Charlton College of Business made under the leadership of Dean Gunasekaran.

The college was reaccredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which was of utmost importance so the school maintains that accreditation.

The Dean, with the help of his faculty, formed committees and they have worked hard, having achieved the reaccreditation in March of 2015.

The enrollment in both the undergraduate and graduate programs has increased, with enrollment in the graduate programs up by nearly 70 percent.

“We have seen growth in enrollment,” Gunasekaran said, “We used to have only 240 students in 2013, now we have almost 440 students.”

Under his deanship, the college launched three new master’s programs; one in accounting, one in technology management, and one in healthcare management.

Also, introduced new concentrations in the undergraduate programs. A PhD in business administration proposal is awaiting the approval of the Board of Higher Education.

The college with its research centers has been closely working with the Southcoast community to support the local economic development through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The college also launched three new online degree programs: Master of Business Administration, BSBA (General Business Administration), and MS in healthcare management.

The college also opened the new Charlton College of Business learning pavilion, and the building has been extended to house the students in new state-of-the-art classrooms.

Gunasekaran is proud of the work he and his faculty have achieved in working with students.

“I think we engage our students quite a lot outside the classroom to provide the experiential learning,” he said. “We have a really strong team for internships and career development support.”

As of right now, a nationwide search for a new dean to succeed Dr. Gunasekaran will be conducted.

Dr. Gunasekaran looks forward to continuing his work in the Charlton College of Business, and will assist in the transition of the new Dean.

When discussing the future of the school and how he sees it going forward after his stepping down, Gunasekaran says that the direction of the school will be in the hands of the new Dean.

“Of course, it’s up to the new Dean,” he said. “People have different visions and dreams for the organization that they serve.”

He does have one desire for the school as it goes forward.

“I think we should continue our student centered learning effort,” he said. “We have to continue engaging our students outside the classroom through service learning, student clubs and organizations, study abroad, and working with professors on research projects.”

Dr. Gunasekaran will complete the academic year as the Charlton College of Business’s Dean and will step down effective in the early summer on July 1, 2017.


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