Recent graduate Jacob Miller recieves the Marshall Scholarship

by Jonathan Moniz, Staff Writer

Jacob Miller, an English and political science graduate, has been awarded the  Marshall Scholarship. He is the first student from UMass Dartmouth to receive the presitigious scholarship.

Started in 1953 with the intent of uniting the British and American peoples, it is awarded to talented, independent, and wide-ranging students, and was created by the British Parliament.

Miller, from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, is the first in his family to go to college. He is also one of only forty recipients of the scholarship which is awarded annually. He graduated in May with his degree in English and political science double major, with minors in leadership/civil engagement and urban studies. He was also the student trustee on campus duing his senior year.

Scholars who have received the Marshall Scholarship typically go on to serve in public life, with many going into fields of law, political office, or even serving on the board of the Supreme Court.

Miller is no different, as he stated that he intends to continue on and use the scholarship to support his management studies at Cambridge University.

After studying at Cambridge, Miller plans to study at the University College of London, focusing on urban economic development as his focus while there for another year.

Once he has finished his educational pursuits, Miller  intends to return the investments in him from the scholarship by going on to create a non-profit group focused on the same courses he will be studying in London.

Miller has substantial experience working with the types of activities and organizations that are typically favored by recipients of the Marshall Scholarship.

He has worked as the Grassroots and Coalition coordinator for Opportunity Nation, an organization with over 350 sections devoted to increasing the economic prosperity of America by increasing fluidity and equal wealth.

He was also named an Endeavor Scholar upon arriving at UMass Dartmouth. He has also received the Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellows Award, as well as the National Truman Scholarship in 2015.

For Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford, Miller worked as an intern on health care legislation, assisting with development and the passing of bills and to provide less expensive plans for students.

Starting new meal plans that incorporated three restaurants in New Bedford, he has also worked with the Massachusetts Cultural Council Board to develop a new service-learning curriculum to benefit the public of Dartmouth’s own school system.

In doing so, he also helped the Tonnesen Square Park in New Bedford regain it’s former glory through restoration.

In addition, he helped the New Bedford Seaport cultural district originate as another outlet of the Cultural Council Board.

Miller personally felt he owed  much of his success to the education and experience he received at UMass Dartmouth and the community, commenting that, “the door was opened  only because I had outstanding teachers, mentors, and supporters.”

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