President Trump’s new executive orders conflict with many


By Jonathan Moniz, Staff Writer

This week, President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States has issued numerous executive orders concerning the future and direction the country will go.

They have touched upon all sorts of issues and topics, with two resuming the construction of the previously halted pipelines for Dakota Access and Keystone XL.

Both had been met prior with overwhelming controversy and resistance due to details about their planning, location, and conducting of the construction.

Ranging from the pipelines to placing a temporary halt on new hires for federal employees, the executive orders have covered many topics but more importantly, caused consternation recently with the President’s allies.

His approval rating is at forty-nine percent, the lowest for any incoming president within the century.

Combined with clashes with the members of the Grand Old Party and other members of Congress, the President has caused controversy with the new orders.

However, Trump’s own supporters now, his core base that saw him through a contested campaign, have now also begun to turn against him.

Amongst the many complaints cited was his inability to stay on task and his tendency to get embroiled in what they deemed are meaningless or side-tracking affairs.

By specific mention his supporters have talked about the endless Twitter “storms” as they are colloquially called, Trumps frequent bouts of activity that have taken place on the social media platform.

They feel he gets caught up in meaningless fights and drivel when they hope to see him move on and focus more on delivering on his campaign promises.

“Mirrored even by his opponents”, says Samuel Welch, a junior history major at UMass Dartmouth. He expressed disagreement with many of the President’s policies that had only carried through into his election.

The comparison of his inauguration crowd to Obama’s in 2009 by several news agencies drew backlash from Trump, and then retribution from supporters.

Many of them have also regretted his closeness with Breitbart and his ongoing comments about CNN and other mainstream media, stating they have regretted voting.

All of this ongoing action has culminated in what some have described as an increasingly destabilized White House.

From reports, the political situation as created by the President is currently centered around dealing with the media, and President Trump has often been focused on that when receiving criticism.

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary, has reportedly been criticized by President Trump for not handling the first few media press conferences well.

Divisions within Cabinet are very rarely made public and not at all considered to be the norm for a recently inaugurated president such as Trump.

This initial response by many of the President’s former supporters has culminated in a Twitter page now called Trump’s Regrets, which regularly retweets many of Trump’s supporter who admit to voting and then state they regret their choice.

The most common responses and reasons cited as being the motivating decision for them to regret their vote is the fact that President Trump has worsened their economic situations via the federal employee hire ban and the Affordable Care Act restrictions, which lead to many losing healthcare if they were on plans under the act.

The second reason is his thin skin, they have cited, describing the ego they see in his tweets as being reason enough for them to regret voting for him, wishing for him to focus on the promise of Making America Great Again, his campaign slogan.

Students themselves also displayed this as well, with first year illustration major Stevilyn Dybowski saying that what he has done would “she wasn’t registered to vote yet, but it would have affected her decision, with the whole freezing the jobs and funding affecting her decision.”

The comments of the many Trump supporters, opponents, and those who remained neutral or expressed discontent with the campaign have yet to receive a response from the President.

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