Men’s tennis wraps the opposition en route to victory

By Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

This week proved to be quite lengthy for the men’s tennis team.

The men took a loss at UMass Boston on April 2, 9-0, and then another loss at Roger Williams on April 3, at 9-0.  They finally wrapped up the week with a win against Lesley, 0-9.

In the game against UMass Boston, the Beacons got off to a quick start in doubles, as the duo Austin DeLasse and Alexander Comerchero of UMass Boston railroaded UMass Dartmouth’s doubles Corey Rafter and Anthony Joseph at number 1, 8-0.
Second pair of doubles, Justin Torres and Mark Desmond ended with an 8-1, at number 2 doubles.

During No. 3 doubles, duos Zach Pavao and Summer Forest-Bulley we defeated by UMass Boston’s pair, 8-3.

The Beacons overpowered the Corsairs at singles. Beacons defeated UMass Dartmouth’s Rafter 6-1, at number 1 singles. Joseph lost in a close first set 7-6 (7-3) at number 2 singles. UMass Boston finished the match at number 3 over Torres with the score, 6-1.

Pavao fell at No. 5 to the hands of Platteel 6-1, 6-4.Desmond finished at number 6, with a score of 6-0, 6-1. Forest-Bulley was the last corsair to be defeated, 3-6, finishing at 10-2 margins.

During the game against Roger Williams, the number 1 doubles pairing of Justin Torres and Patrick Pacheco took a pair of sets against RWUs pair Alex Bonanno and Grant Rosenberg before the Hawks wrapped up an 8-2 decision.

Corsair duos of Summer Forest-Bulley and Zach Pavao at number 2, and Mark Desmond and Yong at number 3 all fell back with 8-0 scores.

RWU defeated UMass Dartmouth with no more than two games in singles competition.
Torres at number 2, finished with 6-1, 6-2. Pacheco finished at number 1 and Pavao at No. 3 ended 6-1, 6-1.

Eliel Mares was defeated with 6-0, 6-0 at number 4, and Cimino and Yong were both defeated with 6-0, 6-1 scores in the final two sets.

During the game against Lesley, the number 3 doubles pairing of senior Summer Forest-Bulley and Mark Desmond were able to start the Corsairs with an 8-0 decision over pair Peter Weiss and Evan McDermod of Lesley.

Justin Torres and Patrick Pacheco succeeded with an 8-1 win at number 2 doubles over.
UMass Dartmouth duos, Corey Rafter and Anthony Joseph conquered Lelsey’s Niko Marcolini and Beowulf Urban with an 8-3 final to starts a 3-0 lead heading into singles.

Rafter finished his first win of the season at number 1 singles with a 6-3, 6-1 decision.

Torres made his first appearance at number 2 singles 6-0, 6-2.

Forest-Bulley laid claim in number 3 singles 6-0, 6-3. Desmond finished with a win in number 4 singles 6-0, 6-1.

Come cheer on the boys for their next matches this week on April 15 at Salem State, at 1pm April 18 at Bridgewater State at 3 pm and April 20 against Curry at 3:30pm at home.

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