Senior Callie Nunez awarded for fighting substance abuse


By Zack Downing, Staff Writer

The Newman Civil Fellowship Award is an award given to outstanding college students all around the country for their work in the community and the impact they have on campus life.

Callie Nunez, a senior here at UMass Dartmouth, has dedicated herself to fighting the substance abuse problem in the area, and in the country as a whole. She has even delivered presentations discussing the epidemic both on and off campus.

On our campus, Nunez started UMass Dartmouth’s own chapter of Young People in Recovery, a nationwide program that originates on campuses and helps college students with addiction, by both empowering them and providing them with helpful resources.

She received the “Breakout Chapter of the Year” award for 2016 at the Young People in Recovery National Conference.

“My passion has been to actively lead the charge to address the issue of opioid addiction recovery planning and to pursue a Doctorate in Nursing specializing in addiction,” Nunez writes in her Personal Statement. “I am committed to public health – locally, nationally, and internationally.”

On-campus work is not the only public participation Nunez has made an impact on.

She’s worked with Bristol County to spread awareness for Steps Toward Recovery, she has traveled abroad to Haiti with other nurses and she’s a member of the Student Nurses Association.

The UMass Dartmouth community holds a lot of pride in Callie Nunez, and supports her battle against substance abuse on campus.

If you’re interested in the UMass Dartmouth chapter of Young People in Recovery, ask your RA or the SAIL Office.

Information and events can be found here.

It would not be surprising to see her go far. Callie Nunez plans to pursue a doctorate in nursing, with her motivation for substance abuse prevention in the community.

She’s done a lot in just her time in college alone, and has a successful nursing career ahead of her, thanks to the UMass Dartmouth nursing program.

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