Bored? Try Board Game Night at the library

By Johnny Perreira, Staff Writer

Before I reveal the details of one of the most engaging events on campus, think of how many quizzes, tests, projects, and homework assignments are cramming up your schedule.

The Torch isn’t going to recommend you procrastinate on any of it, but if you happen to find yourself taking that route and lying on your bed bored out of your mind, consider going to the library. Not for getting your homework done, that’s too responsible. Go to the library for board game night!

Although the usual gathering of people have yet to establish a consistent day and time for this semester. Tabletop players set up their table and games Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. There, you’ll find the usuals, like Sarah, Mike, and Mallory, who will be introduced later, along with many more!

For a couple hours, they’ll switch between all different types of games or split into multiple groups to play what they want. You can expect to see traditional board games like Monopoly, party games like Cards Against Humanity, and even  strategy games such as Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Although there is a set meeting time, the library has many of the games in storage and will rent them out to students who wish to play them at any time! Are you not sure if this kind of event is your cup of tea? Maybe the usuals can convince you!

Sarah and Mike have both been attending the weekly event since the beginning of last year. When asked what keeps bringing her back (the board games or the people), Sarah said, “It’s both, the people are great to be around, and it’s the only time we can get together every week to sit down and play board games.”

Mike, eager to sing the praises of the weekly event, told me, “I look forward to going every week because not only are there new faces but there are regulars. I love to see new faces, play news games, and build relationships.”

I squeezed in a meeting myself, and the environment truly is something to sing about. All different kinds of people show up with the idea of relaxing. Some jump in and out of games between homework (it does take place in the library after all, perfect place for a quick productivity intervention between games), and best of all nothing passes time quicker than thinking about what you’re going to do on your next turn.

The last question I asked the regulars is what they would say to convince someone who has never played board games to show up for a board game night. Mike, laughing, told me. “It’s an enjoyable social experience that is not dangerous to your health. It’s also a good way to destress and a good way to let loose.” Bluntly, Sarah said, “Get your asses over here.”

There you have it. Whenever you’re busy or free, there are board games and board game people waiting for your appearance once a week.

One of the games I learned to play, and fell in love with, is a game called One Night Werewolf. Everyone had to close their eyes like it was night time, and only specific people could wake up to mess around with others.

When everyone woke up in the morning, it was nonstop yelling and deduction, trying to figure out who was going to eat us at the end (the game was similar to, but better than, Mafia). Catch this lively group and sit down for some games Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the library!

If you can’t make it, consider lending one of the games from the library anytime at the front desk! Then you know, maybe swing by a week when you are free.


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