“Fall into your major” this November

By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

The air is a little bit cooler, the leaves are starting to change color. However, those are not the only changes going on, and as we get ready to register for the spring semester next month are you ready to add on another major or minor, declare your major, or are you ready for a change?

The Advising, Support and Planning Office, the Career Development Center, the Student Transition and Resource Center, the Office of Housing and Residential Education and the Office of Student Success are all partnering together to bring you the voice of the students.

“Fall into Your Major,” is just around the corner. On November 1, 2017 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Woodland Commons, students can gather and speak to their peers within the given major or minors that are of interest to them. It is a great event to come mingle with other students and get insight on the major/minor that may be of interest to you.

It is like a big party for your major/minor. There will be complimentary pizza and something for everyone to enjoy. From games, prizes, raffles and did we mention that Arnie will be there too? Come take a selfie with Arnie and learn about your dream major or minor.

The main mission of the committees for the event is to lend a helping hand to the first and second year students.

“Our mission is to provide first and second year students information to assist with exploring options for major declaration and also consider a minor or a double major,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Carol Spencer-Monteiro.

To be able to speak freely in an open and fun environment is why students love this event as it can only lead to bigger and better opportunities.

“Students benefit from talking about potential majors and minors with other students because they are able to speak openly about why s/he is truly interested in a specific major. Students learn about interesting and fun classes, about potential internship opportunities and also the challenges of a major,” said Career Development Specialist from the Career and Development Center Racheal Roy.

“I believe that the freedom to speak with someone – “like you”- another student, is invaluable because generally, students’ give open and honest feedback.”

“Fall Into Your Major,” was established in the Spring of 2014 and was moved to the fall which has improved participation. “…With the focus to assist students with developing a sense of belonging and gaining information about the University to assist with major/minor declaration and learning more about how to expand their academic experience by participating in research, study abroad, internship, and service learning, etc,” said Spencer-Monteiro. “By scheduling the event in the fall, we have increased participation to over 300 students attending the event with 23% participants declaring a major.”

The feeling you get when you have found your passion is one of which you will cherish and never forget. “Choosing a major should be fun! Major selection is one very important step to building a student’s career development,” said Roy.

“Enjoy the process of learning about yourself your likes, dislikes and what you think your passions are!”

The event helps to give students the push they need for staying on track. “The University policy requires all students to have a declared major by 45 credits, therefore we would like to provide an opportunity for students to explore information…” said Spencer-Monteiro.

However, this not does not give you a free pass from visiting your advisor, one must always be meeting with their advisor on a semester basis. “Although, a student should always seek out their assigned advisor for academic advising- this event offers a rare and organized opportunity to begin an educated discussion about ‘what major is really a good fit for me,’” said Roy.

The coming together of students to help students is what makes this event rewarding.
“This event promotes interaction between upperclassmen and first and second year students,” said Spencer-Monteiro proudly. “It promotes the opportunity to receive information from the student’s perspective and experience.”

However, one can’t think that it stops here, there are so many other resources on campus that can help in your success. “So, as you see the major decision-making process doesn’t just stop with the ‘Fall into Your Major Event,’ said Roy.

“We have several offices on campus and events/workshops that allow students to continue to think critically about majors and minors- and feel supported with their decision making.”

After attending “Fall Into Your Major” students can mark their calendars for the Career Development Center’s “Career Myths Workshop,” on Wednesday November 15, presented by Rachael Roy in the Library, room 206, running from 3 p.m. till 4 p.m. This will allow students to start thinking about how their major(s) can lead to a specific career choice.

“The Fall Into Your Major,” committee looks forward to seeing you all there and helping you find your dream majors and minors.


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