Rocky Horror rocks the traditions with this year’s Halloween show

By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer

As is custom for Halloween weekend at UMass Dartmouth’s campus, our very own 20 Cent Fiction Theatre Company puts on Rocky Horror Picture Show, with its own shadow cast!

And, as always, the cast and crew absolutely killed it! With audience reviews such as “Outrageous” and “Wild” Rocky Horror Picture Show was as zany and provocative as it is designed to be.

The show was the typical annual Rocky Horror Picture Show 20 Cent performs, but this year showgoers were given a special treat exclusive to this year.

Thats right, folks, the viewers of this years Rocky Horror got to witness a special, never-before-seen-on-this-campus bonus scene from the movie acted out with the shadow cast, exclusive to the Midnight, Sunday, and Halloween showings.

The crew put on a show, one that was as hilarious as Rocky has ever been.

With the excellent direction from Johnny Perreira, the cast was able to put on a show unlike any UMass has seen. 

I should start with−as every show does−with the opening and the pre show; Rocky Horror has had a history of doing special and amusing pre-shows to follow the virgin ceremony every year, and this year was no exception.

The cast of Transylvanians will all come up with some ideas for pre-shows, and the head will then decide on a favorite to perform, and this year, they chose an exceptionally clever one. This year for the pre-show, the cast all dressed as a variety of Tim Curry characters, such as Nigel Thornberry, Long John Silver, and−almost going hand in hand with the remake of the classic horror movie IT−Pennywise the Dancing Clown, while performing the song “Anything Can Happen On Halloween.”

The pre-show was outrageously funny and clever, and was a wonder to see.

The next incredible highlight exclusive to this showing was the deleted scene, performed by the shadow cast.

Overhead, the screen shows a montage of all the highlights Brad and Janet, the two main characters, got to experience together.

The scene does wonders showcasing the incredible actress Meg Sullivan, and her ability to nail the role of Brad.

She holds the stage nearly by herself and carries it confidently while doing so.

This year’s Rocky Horror stood out, not only in directing and acting, but in casting as well.

For the first time in recent memory, Rocky Horror had a cast that was made up, aside from three actors, entirely of  women.

Aside from leading lord Sawyer Pollitt as Frank-N-Furter and Tighe Ratcliffe as Eddie, the main male roles were entirely filled by women, from the previously mentioned Meg Sullivan as Brad to Brittany Rodgers as Rocky.

The third male actor was a Transylvanian, first year Armani Chaves, making his debut performance on the UMass Dartmouth stage.

To no one’s surprise, these wonderful women filled these roles perfectly, and we were able to have a perfect show of Rocky, even if the casting was far from normal. But then again, what kind of Rocky Horror show would be successful if it were normal?

Special commend- -ations go to the previously mentioned first year psychology major Meg Sullivan, the star who absolutely killed it as a genderbent Brad, and the long time member of 20 Cent Fiction junior biology major Sawyer Pollitt, starring as the illustrious Frank-N-Furter.

Meg was a surprise hit, carrying the already challenging role as Brad, along with the addition work of the deleted scene content never before seen on the UMass stage.

Sawyer has performed in Rocky Horror before as Brad, but this is his first time as Frank-N-Furter, which Sawyer did absolutely phenomenal. Sawyer is one of the best I have ever seen, up there with the man Tim Curry himself.

The next production for 20 Cent Fiction is a performance of the musical Heathers, which you can see November 16-19. 20 Cent’s sister company, Tco, are putting on their Tenth Annual Broadway Review, which will open November 10.

Hope to see you all there for some more fantastic performances by your peers!

Photo Courtesy: Molly Frackleton


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